21 July 2010


All smiles. For everything that is happening in life. It is difficult to put into words. If I were a poet I would write you a million. But (fortunately) today, I am a sister missionary in nothern Italy. I could not imagine life any differently.

As another week has passed, I feel it time again to express my deepest gratitude to what the Lord has given to me. I am grateful for life. The very fact that we have the opportunity to be here in a world created especially for us makes my face scream joy! My heart wants to burst with mushy love for everyone and everything. Even the ratty dog with leaves tangled in his hair rolling on the cobblestone street begging for me to pet him. Yes, even him. As crazy as I think this all is, I think I have become even crazier.

I could live here in this life style forever. Of course there are challenges. But as my sister put it a couple weeks ago, I realize more and more that mission life really is perfect. I decided that anything I have passed through in the past 18 months is no longer called a trial but a great learning experience. I am grateful I can look back and smile, and mean it. As I do glance in the past I question "where has this been all my life?" "Why can I not do this forever?"

Then I remember...that I can and I will!

Good news for you and for Marta! She is making the baptismal covenant on Saturday and her husband may even be able to perform the baptism according to our Bishop! I have never seen some one so ready and so excited about making this huge step. Having the privilege to help her along the path humbles me as I learn from her every footstep. My testimony has been growing right along with hers, and had I not had this opportunity I think I would have missed much of what Heavenly Father is trying to teach me.

Last week I thought, why not ask President if I can hang out here until December. Then Robert and I can storm the runway together. But before you know it I will be all up in your face and you will wish I was back on a mission.

I will give this one more week of everything I can. And then we will give the rest of life the justice it deserves.

I am sorry that my words are short. Right now, everything is just as short. I look forward to only one more of these love letters. Then I can just kiss you all on the cheek and tell you face to face.

Until next week,
Sorè Carroll

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