16 June 2010

there's a star man.

Tomorrow I become illegal in Italy. Maybe I should not be saying that out loud. My residency expires today. I live such a dangerous life! Six weeks on the risk! What!? I am wild.

What a week! As I begin the last six weeks of my mission I have many feelings and thoughts running through me. It may be the last six weeks as a missionary in the Milan Italy mission, but it is the first six weeks of the rest of my life. It is going to be wonderful. I hope they are as great for you as they will be for me.

Figs are on sale and we eat a lot of them. I wish I took advantage of our fig tree grandma planted. What a brain she is. My companion and I are waiting till we can go and pick the wild figs from the side of the road, along with the raspberries that are beginning to bloom! What a delight.

I guess that gives you a little hint as to what I will be doing for my final transfer. Yes, I am going to be dancing down the streets of Como with my Sorella Prina at my side. Last night getting transfer calls was suspenseful. I had no idea what would happen. I would be lying if I said I wanted to stay. Last night I was hoping for a change. Just to add some excitement into the last bit. But this morning, thank you to a dear brother Robert, I realized that I can make this exciting. And it is going to be just that! Besides, the fact that I can change things makes it that much better. Plus I will have to hide from the government, so it adds an extra spice to life. (Really it is not that big of a deal, we just hope that if I do get stopped it is a nice officer.)

Sunday was stake conference in broadcast form from Salt Lake City. We heard from Elder Boyd K. Packer, Elder David A. Bednar and Sister Mary N. Cook. We had four investigators show up; one for the first time, one who will be baptized next month, and another two who are progressing towards the baptismal covenant in the coming months. It was incredible to hear directly from two apostles speaking to the Saints in Europe. I learned quite a bit, and I hope that those who attended with us were aware of what great counsel we received. Everyday I am grateful to have a living prophet and apostles so that we as men and women on the earth can know the will of God and have the fullness of the truth! Today while shopping for groceries I saw a woman for the fourth time in the past two days. I stopped to talk to her and introduce myself since she is a new face around. She actually just moved into our apartment building one month ago. Another new friend and individual interested to know that God does still work miracles today and does still guide His children, us.

So our next baptism is amazing. I almost feel it is too soon to mention her name, but she is absolutely wonderful. The elders found her and quickly referred her to us, unfortunately we never got hold of her or found her. The elders continued to ask about this "golden" and I said I was trying. But they happened to run into her in the mean time and taught her and brought her to church. Success! I sat next to her during her first Sunday and she had so many questions. We taught her for the first time last Saturday and invited her to be baptized, which she quickly accepted. I guess I should tell you her name. Juliana. She was born in Italy, but her parents are from Ghana. She lives with her father close to the church and was astounded to know that the church has been there for a few years. Juliana has been on her own search and when the elders accidentally knocked on her door looking for their investigator, that was God saying here is your answer. She is so interested and accepting of everything! Humble people, who are not compelled to be humble because of certain circumstances are blessed in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for the already growing testimony of Juliana and her vigor and desire to learn!

So staying in Como is going to be a wonderful change. I guess the fact that I am not changing is a change, since in the past I have changed so often. I am ready to move forward and be the missionary the Lord expects of me!

I love my life.

I love all of you.

I wish you all a happy week. Shout out to the BYU cougs. Ramsey bleeds blue!

I love you.

Waiting in the sky,
Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

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