09 June 2010

run my hands through my fro.

The lake is still beautiful. They weather can not decided what to do, rain or shine. And I really have a fro with all this crazy humidity. I guess growing up in Arizona really is a blessing! (I can easily count more than one though)

I remember arriving and having to sleep with the blow dryer next to me for some extra heat at night. I believe we have officially made it through winter and practically spring. But rather than give you the mundane weather report, lets talk about everything else!

I started last week in an all day Milano conference with the missionaries from my zone. I still find it amazing that we young adults are here doing this work. Watching so many new missionaries arrive this past transfer and hearing their testimonies re-ignited the fire in me. I love being a part of the greatest and strongest army on earth. Although I only know a selected few of my peers around the world, as I pray for the missionary work around the world daily I feel their prayers and earnestness in bring the light of the gospel to all. This reminds me everyday how blessed I am to be in the service of the Lord at this point in time. (pause ... thunder in the air and water on the ground. The sky really can not decide.) Especially with the experiences I have had here in Como, I understand more fully my role as only the instrument in the Lord's hands. I am adding to my testimony that the Lord truly does have a plan for me, and whatever I experience is because I am being helped or because I can possibly help another! He is good!

I am a real Italian! I learned this week how to make a pizza. Like one you would find in Naples. The only thing I am missing is the wood oven. Our investigator Virginia had us over for dinner on Sunday and did a step by step process with the pizza. If I remember everything maybe one day I can try it on you. We will see. For now I can at least pretend I am Italian!

We celebrated 17 months. Did you know it had been that long? I did not burn any ties or suits, or rather skirts or shoes. But I did get the chance to work with a new missionary sister and learn from her great desire to bring the gospel to these people in Italy. I have grown so much love for them in my short time here and I hope it never dies!

Look for a miracle in everyday! I love you all.

Con tutto il mio amore,
Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

The final pizza

The pizza process

The pizza beginning

The dough

Mariana is a Ukranian convert of 1.5 years preparing for a mission


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