30 June 2010

lotioning, oiling...

It is definitely a day for a pool party, but my co and I are throwing our own kind of party. Missionary party!!! Plus with the summer heat comes more people in house! We hope!

All is well and alive in Como. I just returned from 2.5 days in Milano on exchanges! I get a couple days rest and then exchanges again next week! The zone leaders are loving the whole "we tell the sisters what they do!" Actually, they are great and really helping us experience the greatest part of the mission, learning from so many different people.

I was able to meet a new convert yesterday who is blind. The elder's knocked on her door and asked if they could share a movie with her. She declined mentioning the fact that she was unable to see. They kept in contact with her and I believe taught her a couple times with a member. Being that she is a single woman they waited for the right time to pass her to the sisters. Well a few short months and Christmas treats later, she was baptized and just loves it. What a wonderful spirit and gratitude for life. Meeting people like Laura makes me feel that much more grateful for the blessings I have received. Actually a few weeks ago I was sitting on our balcony and saw a blind man walking down the street with his guide stick. I started to cry thinking about how fortunate, or rather blessed, I am to have my eyesight. I started wearing my glasses more and read with my bad eye so it does not get worse. These days I have been attracted to the sightless, being that I am now remembering the woman I invited on the bus a week ago. I sat with her and her dog Barbie and talked about the gospel and life. It will be a great blessing one day when they can have their bodies in their perfect form!

I had an interesting experience on the bus on Monday that made me really thankful to be in a calmer Como than a mad Milano.

Have I mentioned Marta? Get ready, she is another dream come true. She takes notes when we teach and she takes notes in church. She wants all the church books and already told her husband she is going to be baptized. We are actually trying to prepare him to baptize her, but he has been inactive for quite some time now. More than 10 years. We found this grand family when Gabriella moved here from Brazil to study. She is 16 years old and ready to serve a mission tomorrow. She just showed up in church and did not talk to anyone because of the language barrier. Then next week she brings a friend and I make my way immediately to them because I missed the opportunity the week before when it was just Gabriella. I met Marta, Gabriella's aunt. It is the most beautiful experience listening to testimonies in Italian and Portuguese. I just added another language to my to do list when I get home. ASL, Icelandic, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Today when coming into internet you will never guess who I saw. Lisbet. The mother of our dear Joaquin. It had been at least 4 months since I saw her. She did not even wait 2 seconds to start telling me all about Joaquin and how great he is in Peru. Then she called him and I even got to talk to him! It is always wonderful to see old friends, even though I wish they were still a part of my life, it is great to know they are okay. I hate the idea of leaving behind so many people.

Giustina called me on Monday. I answered and told her I was going to call her. She asked why I hadn't yet. I told her it was because I was packing my bags, because I was going. She said nothing. I mentioned I was kidding and said that I was only going to Milano for 2 days. She then proceeded to explain that she just woke up and had a dream that I came to her house on Wednesday to tell her I was leaving and that I would not be back to visit. She was calling to make sure that was not true! I felt bad for making the joke that I did when she thought that I was being serious. My companion warned me about Italians and their dreams, so I am making sure it does not come true!

I love my life here and am so grateful for every second I have to be here! Thank you for your support family! In not too many days I will be able to hug you, but for now I am happy to be where I am with who I am with. My heart is full of love for everyone around me. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the opportunity to be serving a mission and to have made it this far!

I love you.

I am bakin' like a roasted cheese something.
Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

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