23 June 2010

the final good-byes.

Yesterday, an emotional day, was the last time I would see my dear President and Sorella Dunaway as missionaries in Italy. I was quickly informed that Sorella Dunaway would be taking Italian courses at BYU and I mentioned myself too. Having had a course with her three years ago we are looking forward to being in class together again! They can not get rid of me yet! I will miss them for the last month, but I also know that President Wolfgramm will be just as wonderful and inspired.

I have a lot to say and not enough words. The more time ticks away, the less I can think to write. I just want to savor every moment, because I know how precious every second is. I feel a new boost of energy every morning as I wake. I really want to scream from the roof tops the wonderful news and bring everyone the truth. So, my companion and I are about doing the work! Right now I want to shout how happy I am and how wonderful it is to have the fullness of the truth, thanks to revelation.

This transfer is a focus on following the guidance of the spirit and receiving personal revelation. Something that I have been searching to really understand and put into practice in my life. Although I knew the power of this principle before my mission, I have grown unbelievably in testimony about the real power the spirit can have in my life. Since hearing all the stories of the earthquake in Chile I have wanted to exercise more faith and follow the spirit much more readily in my life in order to be better prepared. Since that I have noticed a change in my actions. When I feel to do something, I usually do it.

Last week I had an experience of not following the prompting of the spirit and it led to more difficulties. We told our investigator Giusi we would wait by her car so we could drive to church together. Well when she was not there we called and called. To no avail we gave up. As we were walking to the nearest bus stop I stopped literally in the middle of the street and something said, "stop, she is going to come." I hesitated. My companion did not want to wait, but I made her walk back to the car just to be sure. Since Giusi was still not there we left. While on the bus low and behold, she calls. We get off the bus and after way too much confusion we got to church with her 20 minutes late. She then remained for 15 minutes and left. Although we still got her to church, she did not get to experience much of the spirit of being there. I felt terrible and am working on being courageous enough to follow the spirit, even when there is opposition from other people.

With some final goodbyes to my dear elders and sisters I came back to Como yesterday with a new desire to be better and stronger. I know that I am not doing this for myself, but I need to improve so that I can help as many people as possible in the next thirty-five days here in Como. They do not know what they are waiting for!

Other good news. When the Tuscany region is added to the mission on July 1 come 6 sisters. Two of whom will be going home with me. I learned today they are my two favorite sisters from the MTC, Sorella Nelson and Sorella Cheesman. I will also have a flying buddy all the way to Phoenix! Score! Starting and finishing with these beauties is just the right way to do it!

Thank you for your many examples, loves, and smiles. I am grateful to call you family and eternal! Life would be impossible without you!

Your sister, daughter and friend!
Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

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Whitney said...

Rique.. I love your blog.. and you.

I'm thinking about a mission:) Your stories are so inspiring. Love you!