02 June 2010

"che materia!"

This week my companion and I both have bruises on our arms from punching each other. We learned from a couple 13-14 year old boys on the bus that yellow is the new slug-bug. We are always little children at heart and my co gets a slug every time a yellow car passes. Surprisingly there are a number of these around Como. Or we just see the same ones all the time.

Yesterday we went back to the "old-folks" home to visit a referral from a member. (Yes this is true. It is never too late to receive the gospel right?) Franca Robba. She is probably the most sane in the whole place and really only ended up there because her sister was there and did not want to be alone. Well after the death of her sister she stayed, helping out where she can. While waiting for her to dress for the day we took the opportunity to speak with a lady in a wheel chair that kept telling us that she too wanted company. Just letting her chat away, Franca approached and started talking to this woman. Franca made up a whole story about calling Giuseppe the woman's son to come and get them so they could go to the sea. On this story goes and finally the woman, we can call her Maria (since she calls everyone else that), states "oh che materia, siamo tutti pazzi." (oh what material, we are all crazy.) Franca responds, "si, un po'." (yes, a little.) The whole conversation was completely serious for Maria, and she knows we are all crazy! I could sit and listen to them talk for hours.

Yesterday was June first. Summer is on its way. Eric told me dad was counting so I know it is safe to say that as of yesterday I had 2 months, or 60 days. I took the opportunity to start these last two months with a fast. We had just had interviews on Monday and I was feeling the necessity to reset some goals and just go for it. I am so excited about what these next few weeks are going to bring! So much is going to happen and I know that this is where I need to be and what I need to be doing. I have been blessed during these first 17 months of my mission and I know that these last two are going to be the best ever. I have never felt so refreshed and excited to walk along the streets of Italy talking to everyone! Surprisingly, these past 50 hours have brought a lot of hope and strength to the work we are doing here in Como.

Plus, this past week I read through my letters home from the beginning of my mission. I still feel like I just got here and everything was so new and exciting. Although situations have changed and I am experiencing different emotions everyday, I still feel like the baby in the mission, learning and anxious doing it!

I thank you for your help and support! I know how much help you are giving me and I am receiving so many blessings from your many sacrifices and work at home. It sounds like all is happy and well and I was more than excited to see my baby brother finishing strong! What a popular kid! Congratulations! I wore blue and gold in your honor!

Things are going very well at this point in time and I am pleased to announce how wonderful Como, Italy is! Today is a national holiday and the people are all happy to be free for a day! We are happy too. Happier than ever!

Love love.

We are all crazy,
Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

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