19 May 2010

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Lately, I spend a lot of time reflecting. The past 16 months, the next few weeks, tomorrow, yesterday. Everything seems to be running around in my head. Sleepless nights and red eyes are the latest, but still always a smile. Mostly because I am amazed at the miracles, struggles, plans, and joys God has prepared for me everyday.

Last night I sat in our ward council meeting and could not help but think about how The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Christ's church on the earth. The only church guided by God and not by man. Why did this thought come to me? Because I looked around the room; various ages, social classes, nationalities, genders. I thought about the various sacrifices these people make for others, WITHOUT receiving payment in worldly things. I thought about the 53,000 missionaries in the world who are now sacrificing their time and money to share the word. I think about those preparing to make the same sacrifice, and in doing so give up so much of the world to serve God. I thought about our Prophet, Apostles, and all other leaders who go above and beyond for the good of the world and all this without a monetary recompense. I know in the end money is not important, but if someone were to see the time, energy and effort that goes on "behind the scenes" it is impossible to deny the things we do and teach as being false. Not to mention the hope the gospel brings to our lives, even when it seems like everything has been torn apart.

Eduardo Albonico made a big step yesterday. A big step of faith, which he claims to not have much. He committed to make the baptismal covenant in June. This is a goal, but a goal that is going to be met. Every time we meet with him he is looking for more, asking more, and willing to do more. His wife and daughter are following behind, slowly, but surely.

I lost all my train of thought. The Muslim internet store owner just started chatting away and asking all sorts of questions and started the usual "I am right you are wrong" discussion that I have experienced multiple times here. I did not want to be rude, so I responded, but lost a few minutes and all thoughts.

It is funny how much opposition we face as missionaries. People all over criticizing our lifestyle. We try to explain and help them understand without forcing it. I have never told someone they are wrong, but the invite is always to pray and learn for yourself. Convincing with the spirit can work, but convincing with facts and words is hardly anything. In the end it is better to just search and find the answer for yourself, because then you can be sure. Just as I am sure!

I like when people look at me and say "You are convinced, sure, and steady." Yes, because I found the truth that God as prepared for me!

I love sharing it.

Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

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