05 May 2010

Como Esta Como?

As dad would say. Well you can ask me that same question for another 6 weeks! I have been called to continue my service here, nestled between the Italian Alps. Apparently it snowed back in the mountains. Wet and happy feet are down here in Como.

Miracle of the week! We found another family!
Here is how the story goes: A few weeks back we took a trip into Switzerland to meet a member. This required a little wait at a bus stop until she came to pick us up. There was a woman with her son that I started a conversation with. Mostly with her little boy about Peter Parker and Spiderman since he showed me his new H&M shirt with Spiderman on it. We talked for maybe 3 minutes total, about life, her family and just as I was about to throw out the invite our ride pulled up. Apparently she was in a hurry so I never got anything out. I got in the car full of regret for not extending the invite sooner. The woman was so nice and her son was darling. She seemed really happy to be talking to someone. I said an immediate prayer for the opportunity to meet her again. I prayed a couple more times and when she came to mind I would pray again. To be honest, we do not go to Switzerland often, so I thought it unlikely.

Last Wednesday after writing you my companion and I headed to Switzerland for some finding work. We stopped at a potentials tabbacheria (ideal right?) and then went to look for some apartment buildings. Having never been to this part of the city most things looked like office buildings rather than residential. We happened upon a smaller building and decided to try it. With ease we entered and began knocking. I do not remember what happened but at our second to last door something caused us to laugh rather hard. I was still laughing when the last door opened (only the second of 14 doors). The man opened it wide and said "hello." Startling both of us we did not know to speak English or Italian. His wife then came to the door and it was the same woman who recognized us! They quickly invited us in and we started to talk, get to know you things. They were both running back and forth with other things, son in the bath, work, phone, dinner, etc.

We returned two evenings later to meet with Gabriella, since Pierdamiano was working, and "Peter Parker" her son. It was an interesting evening, but it is true that God does prepare people to receive the gospel. I am grateful God put her in our path again so that we can be the messengers of truth!

I am falling more and more in love with my calling as a missionary. I am gaining greater and greater understanding of the truth and it is one of the grandest blessings to help others find the truth themselves.

Amid the many experiences, the good and the bad, I know one thing is for sure...my Heavenly Father loves me and has me here for a reason. That reason is unfolding!

Peace love and happiness!

Sorella Frederique Stone Carroll

Italians feed their babies horse meat

Food with Giustina

Sorella Carroll and Sorella Prina at Zone Conference

Antonio plays the according, harmonica and sings and dances

Making bread for Luba

Waiting for an appointment

Sprouting onions in the kitchen

Elena, Marianna, Tiziana, Sorella Carroll, Eduardo, and Sorella Prina

Silvana and one of her dogs

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