21 April 2010

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Well after spending a couple days in Bergamo I am happy to be back in Como. I do love it here. I love the people, and I feel like I could live here the rest of my life (with my family of course). It feels great when you recognize faces on the street and they recognize you. It is even better when one accepts what you have to offer!

This week we will talk about Eduardo. While on the bus last Thursday I noticed a man look back at my companion and attempt the read her tag. He then looked to me, but my tag was a little hidden from frantic moving to make space. He pointed to it and asked, "che cos'é?" I proceeded to explain my call as a missionary and that we are here to tell the world God has called a living prophet and given us, again, the authority necessary to return to him. When I said living prophet Eduardo did a double take and was speechless for a couple seconds. He then moved forward with many questions that I had no time to answer because he needed to get of the bus. I asked for his phone number and gave him a pass-a-long card with our number. I watched him as he exited the bus and read what was on the back of the card I gave to him. Continuing on my way to the church I did not give much thought to what had happened.

Then Friday we went to Zone conference where I was filled with even more motivation to preach and as we left I thought, call Eduardo. On the train I made the call and he was very happy and gave us our first appointment of the week on Monday.

We show up to his door, right on time, with the Relief Society President at our side. (His wife was working so there was the necessity of another woman.) He was excited and ready for us! Up the stairs we went were he had us meet his daughter and "get to the good stuff." His daughter declined my offer to listen so we continued along. Eduardo shot out question after question. We explained that we could not respond to everything in one moment but that we will eventually get to answer. We left that morning with a, "I will call you to let you know when I can meet."

Later that evening he called and we scheduled for Tuesday evening. I returned home from Bergamo and we were off. Little did we know we would encounter 45+ minutes of traffic to arrive due to a very serious motorcycle accident. I did not want to see what I did on our way up, I'll leave it at that. He was polite and happy to see us again and pulled out the Joseph Smith testimony underlined and ready for questions. He also received a Book of Mormon from a friend after that day. Eduardo is the most excited investigator I have ever met. We taught him about the restoration and invited him to pray which he fully committed to and is starting to read the Book of Mormon.
After meeting his wife I believe firmly this will become a family affair! I have never met someone so excited and willing to listen as this man is. He is sincere and earnest in his search, which he tells us he been on for over 40 years. Although he has many ideas, he is definitely on the way to find the full truth and I do not think he even understands what is waiting for him!
Life is wonderful.

A little chat on the bus is turning into something greater! At first I did not think much would come of it!

It is great being able to teach the truth and have others recognize you as true disciples of Christ.

Many more miracles took place, and I am noticing the spirit more abundantly as I am more obedient. I thank you for the help you have given me to reach this point. Through the difficulties and trials, joys and laughter...just like Robert said ... I only have my Father in Heaven and you to thank!

I could not imagine doing anything greater with my life!

Have a wonderful week!

Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

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