28 April 2010


These weekly letters are getting harder and harder to write. Not because my life is boring but because it is wonderful and there are so many things to say but so little time.

A couple weeks ago we were doing a little shopping in Como which required a visit to the bank. I do not think I have ever stepped foot in a bank in America therefore I have no idea how the doors work there, but here there are two. One must close before the second opens. My companion barely missed the door leaving her inside the bank and me trapped alone between two glass sliding doors. (we could see and hear each other still, hah). I actually briefly got stuck in between the doors while my companion could not open one and the woman outside could not open the other.

It turned into a laugh for myself and Lara (the woman outside). While I waited for my companion to come out I started talking to this lady who was so kind and outgoing. My companion made it but I decided to continue talking instead of making it to the closing store. Lara gave me her phone number and walked away. She actually never went into the bank so I wonder why she came over to the doors like she needed to get in.

Our first appointment with Lara was a surprise baptism of another investigator for the Anziani of Lecco. What a wonderful opportunity to really explain our purpose as missionaries. She met with us again the next day and is already one of my favorite Italians. I have never met someone so sincere and honest.

Miracles! Everyday!

Love list long overdue:
1. onions that grow leaves because it is so humid here.
2. the shining sun.
3. green mountains.
4. new friends.
5. leaves on the trees.
6. the book of mormon.
7. Going to Pinocchio the musical on Friday!
8. no nylons in May.
9. MAY!
10. being happy!

I pray for you and I love you all!

Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

Sorella Carroll and Sorella Prina at Zone Conference

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