10 March 2010

white ...

is the color of my neighborhood again!

Red is the color of my cheeks.

Happy is the color of my soul.

It is funny how things happening on the other side of the world can have such a great affect on someone. I layed in my bed last Wednesday while reading letters and cried. Mostly I cried out of comfort and peace. It was such an inspiration to read the many testimonies mom forwarded to me which had a great impact on the rest of my week. We had an inspiring zone conference on Friday and this past week left me with a new resolve to do even better and reach even higher.

I think the mission experiences between my brother and I differ quite a bit. In stressful moments for the family I imagine it would be much more comforting to be all together. Although I love you all so much, I felt a great deal of help staying focused on my work here and accomplishing what I need to be doing. I am grateful for the service of a brother so dear to my heart and his testimony and strength. It is always a joy to hear about his successes and trials and especially in these moments I know how much of an impact he and his testimony have have on the wonderful people of Chile.

The lastest is on Silvia Sedano and her family. When I first met her three months ago she told me she did not know what she believed and had not even been teaching her children about God or Jesus Christ. A month or so later we were able to make another visit and she mentioned she was looking for a way to teach her children and help them gain a knowledge, but she wants them to make decisions for themselves. We had a few lessons since then, one specifically where she told us she was not ready. More specifically, not ready to pray. She told us she looks for just about any excuse not to believe, despite the fact that she wants to. We decided not to call her for a couple of days and waited until english class. She came up to us when we walked in the room and asked why it had been so long, circo 3 days... It was surprising since she had almost told us no at our previous lesson. We ended up at her house a couple days later where she prayed for the first time with us. Even though they are small passes, they are really huge passes in her life that will help her reach the divine potential God has for her and her family! It is nice to be a part of the blessings of the gospel! Silvia's son Giovanni, 5 years, explained to his cousin, 6 years, that we come to talk about Jesus Christ. Giovanni asked me at our first visit who Jesus Christ was, he must be learning something too!

All is well and truly happy in Como. I feel like a local here. I just have not picked up the valley girl northern italy accent. I am stuck with the american one.

I am, dear family,
very affectionately yours,
Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

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