31 March 2010

we are painting a picture.

Everyday changes drastically. Sun, mist, pouring rain, sun, rain, fog, rain, fog. Spring and all its wonderful changes make for a wonderful change inside a missionary named Sorella Carroll. I will start by telling you my new companion is a natural health and food guru so she is getting me into a great big change. I like these changes. Change is good for the soul, even if it means a great big change of church (as it would be for many of our investigators).

I know sometimes I, myself, am afraid of change. But I am learning to accept it and learn from every moment. I am also learning how to help others accept the change that will change their life (not only on the earth, but the life here after).
This week I spent time studying all sorts of topics and really enjoyed remembering how the spirit teaches me personally. Spending time reading the bible or the book of mormon has caused me to really reflect on my beliefs and understand each thing in a logical manner. When the scriptures tell me "in your mind and in your heart" I completely understand it. Before I left on my mission I felt these things, I knew these truths, but I still did not understand everything and why. Now my mind is catching up with my heart and understanding the reality of everything. It just makes sense. I find myself saying that more and more often and thanking my Father in Heaven more everyday for His hand in my life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ (and all that it entails) just makes sense, and were it not for a restoration of the authority we would ALL be confused. But since God is not the author of confusion, and loves us, He again gave his children (by the way, that is you and me) the way.

Sorella Prina and I have big plans for this transfer and are working our way to go meet and teach her family. She has Italian descendants and it will be a great blessing to work with the family of my loving companion who is so ready to help save their lives as well.

Since we have not met them yet, I will tell you about the family that took care of me yesterday. Gabriella Nicastro and her daughter Michela. We had found them knocking doors a while back and yesterday we returned. Unfortunately it was pouring rain and I had given my umbrella to a man on the street that afternoon. Let us just say I needed a towel and hair dryer for some time while Sorella Prina got to know them. Ooops. (We are dry today.) Plus they are excited to learn with us!

Lilu came to church on Sunday and loved it. She has member friends already and is making huge changes in her life.

Did I forget to mention that this weekend is easter!!! And vacation weekend for us missionaries. That is right. The best vacation I could ask for right now. Conference. I am so excited to hear from our beloved Prophet and profit from the great and healing word of God. I think I have told everyone on the street and bus what they can experience if they come with me. Fortunately Italy is up-to-date with technology and we will be watching Saturday and Sunday morning sessions live and Saturday evening recorded on Sunday afternoon. It will almost be my bed time while you are all just waking up to hear the good word. I hope you are all as excited as me. As I said, spring time is a time for changes, and the counsel of the Lord can only help us make the better change! Happy days!

Speaking of changes. I started to cry on the bus today coming down the beautiful mountain overlooking a blue lake. I know I still have awhile, but the thought of changing what I am doing now and moving onto real life is something that does scare me at times. I hope you are all still happy, healthy, and in love with life. I am all of the above and more here in Italy and am full of gratitude for the wonderful blessings I have received here. I would almost, almost, call myself Italian.

We are taking the days of our lives and creating a story. The story that never ends, but keeps adding the pages. Any good book must be written well. This is why we must act but we also have time to change. I am learning to make sure I am writing mine well. But thank goodness for editors!

A happy day.
Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

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