17 March 2010

Via Milano.

We do a type of lesson with members called "a power lesson." A quick spirit puncher and a sincere prayer offered by the member. We ask them to ask for inspiration as to where we can go to find investigators and I have now received Via Milano three times. Now that I have finished work one.5 times on the street we are starting over. Yesterday it was a good thing to get working on it right away because of a very special experience we had.

Her name is Michelle. A philipine mother of three. She became an investigator six weeks ago and has been rather hard to get ahold of as she is always at the hospital when we set up appointments. There was an evening we went out with a member from France who is preparing to serve a mission herself. This is when we happened upon Michelle and Ian who welcomed us into their home with open arms. We left a brief but spiritual message about the family and the blessings we can receive from God through faith and the restored gospel. This was the evening we learned about their entire family. Their oldest son Alesandro is autistic and for that they are often in the hospital. Our second visit was a "maybe we should go visit Michelle and Ian" instead since they had previously not been there for the appointment we scheduled. We ran home to get her Book of Mormon in Tagolog and went to go visit. She was surprisingly home and very happily received the Book of Mormon. Since she did not have much time we were able to leave with a little explanation of the book and make a return appointment. Lo and behold, they were at the hospital again and to be honest I have started to feel like maybe this is not their time. We have tried atleast three times a week to see them, but they are never home. Yesterday morning I was with Sorella Rossi on an exchange and we received from our wonderful Giustina to go do work on Via Milano, so we did!

We were walking to the bottom of the street to make our way back up when I saw an open door, we decided to take advantage and entered. We met a couple of individuals including a woman who knew us through her sister who I began teaching nearly 5 months ago. After we finised our door to door there, we continued to the end of the street. Sorella Rossi was new therefore I let her lead since I had done house two times and would be hesitant to pick an apartment I had already knocked. She chose the number 13 which was exactly the palazzo of Michelle and Ian. We rang them from outside, no answer. We did manage to get in, though, through a stranger. We started from the top down, but Michelle and Ian's door is the first. We knocked anyways not really expecting anything. To our surprise Michelle answered and again welcomed us in. We sat with her for thirty minutes and listened and taught. She began to cry as she told us of all the trials she is facing right now. The biggest being that she has not seen her son Alessandro for 4 weeks. He is going through intense therapy and has a hard time being away from his family so the doctors prefer that he does not see the family because it makes his progress slower. Through tears of my own I bore testimony that through our faith we can overcome these trials and the our Father in Heaven is right by our side. Michelle bore a strong testimony but is just like the rest of us because she needs the strength from God that she does not have herself. To sit with this 25 year old woman and talk about the atonement of our savior Jesus Christ made my testimony that much stronger and made me that much greater for the incredible blessings we as members of the Church of Jesus Christ have received. Michelle really believed what we had to tell her and she knows that the message we bring will bless her life more than she ever imagined. What a great blessing to bring restored truths to people who are searching!

At the end of the lesson our friend closed with one of the most powerful and sincere prayers I have ever heard in my life. Giustina told us to listen and it ended up being exactly the right thing. Listen to the spirit, listen to the people!

I always get emotional while writing e-mails because of what I learn while I tell you of my experiences. I am recognizing more and more as each day disappears the hand of the Lord in my life. I follow the same schedule everyday, but everyday is new and full of miracles. Have I told you I love my life! We are making a lot of progress and will hopefully be seeing our investigators do the same. They are definitely seeing the blessings of the gospel already in their life and will be seeing even more as they continue along the path God has prepared for them!

Michelle reminded me of the plan God really has prepared for each of us!

I can not help but smile.

From me, to you.
Sorella Frederique Stone Carroll.

p.s. Happy Saint Patrick's day! I am wearing green, my companion is not and keeps wondering why I am pinching her! She even knows why!

p.p.s. A picture for your enjoyment. This is the statue of the hands in Como. I have no idea what it means.

p.p.p.s. I went without a Jacket yesterday! Spring is approaching!

Hands in Como

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