03 March 2010

times running out.

I was going door to door when the elevator started moving. It made me nervous just a little bit because I had a very strong inkling this person was going to get off while we were knocking his door. This is true. Something happened right when he stepped off the elevator, nerves went away and we started talking to him. This man is actually the one who informed me of the big earthquake in Chile and I had a little panic. But at the same time it did not phase me because I knew my brother was being protected by the Lord. I appreciated the help I received in being calm this week even when we received opposition.

Sunday I was grateful for member missionary work when an 8 year old boy came up to ask me to review his dedication in a Book of Mormon he was preparing to gift to his religion teacher at school. I have been paying close attention to the children in the ward when we are in church and teach families and it amazes me their sensitivity to the gospel and its truths. No wonder we are commanded to become as little children; submissive, meek, humble and willing to submit to all things that our father seeth fit to inflict upon us. I am truly impressed at the testimonies these little people have to offer. Often times much purer and honest than our own.

With our fun weather games I like seeing the change people make from day to day. Although it is still chilly, the city changes when the sun comes out. The other day while on the bus I glanced out towards a park and saw a couple holding hands in their fancy clothes going for a walk with their dog. I think I like that aspect of Italy, the people get dressed up just to go outside. I also enjoy the fact that it is warming up because more people are outside on their private adventures, but little do they know we are searching for them. It is a roller coaster from day to day, everyone you meet is different and amazing. Last night I stopped a lady in a white marshmallow coat to ask a simple question about the city and start a conversation. She ended up telling us all about her family and that we will be seeing each other soon. Another lady looked at us and smiled when we said hello. It is not often you get a huge smile from someone on the street late at night but it was nice to have someone stop and talk to us. I think things are turning around, the more we receive opposition the more I recognize we are getting to closer to something good. I am learning, though, to count all things as good. Learning from challenges will help us all in ways that really are inexplicable.

I have been thinking about something for a little while now. What is the greatest event in all of Christian history to take place?

Naturally I think, the atonement of Jesus Christ. But then comes the first vision into mind and the Restoration of the Gospel and Priesthood authority. Although, obviously the atonement of Jesus Christ is the most important aspect of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is the Restoration that teaches the entire truth of what Christ did and how we can fully utilize it. I realize now, that without a living Prophet we would never understand our potential as children of God. Without the authority of the holy Priesthood of God, we could never return to live with our Father in Heaven. All of the true knowledge about the gospel of Jesus Christ comes back to the restoration of the gospel and keys through Joseph Smith. And to know if this is true relies on our faith, prayers and reading of the Book of Mormon. This week I am grateful and full of love for a Father in Heaven who loves us and trusts us enough to have received again the fullness of the gospel. I am grateful for the call to be a missionary and bring this message to those who are searching. We have had the opportunity to teach a few families in the past three weeks, these families are going to be wonderful additions to the Kingdom of God. I have the faith that we will be able to help them prepare to enter in the way! What a blessing to bear testimony of the truths of eternal families and an eternal father in heaven with eternal amounts of love.

Speaking of families, I laminated a couple photos this week of mine. Anytime I showed them to members or friends they said, "are these your friends?" When I said no these are my siblings they said, "oh, your brother looks Chinese." Ramsey, I love you. We can be the odd balls out, blonde and Chinese. Giustina claims that we have Chinese ancestors according to Ramsey's eyes. Family history work?

Do not worry family, I am a nice companion. My companion is awesome and we get along really well. She teaches me how to speak better English and wears a purple skirt which makes me really happy.

Hearts loves and hugs.

I keep you in my prayers.

in all aspects,
Sorella Frederique Stone Carroll

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