24 March 2010

let us start the wave.

It has been a couple of interesting weeks here in Como. A couple weeks that have helped me understand how grateful I am for the gospel and how much it has helped myself and us as a family. I know it is a lot easier to say than do, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ really can bring hope to a broken world and a broken life.

I am always meeting new people and learning about their lives. As I have stated previously, it is amazing how much people trust us and recognize us missionaries as people who can help. I am grateful for the spirit, because without it we could not offer any words of hope, but when the spirit is there to guide the recipient absolutely understands that we are just the instruments in God's hands. We have had a few great experiences teaching and speaking with people. My gratitude is great for the opportunity to teach the wonderful message of the Gospel.

Two weeks ago my companion and I attended a funeral of a woman in our ward. She was a mother of two teenagers and had been battling a tumor for quite some time. I had the privilege of getting to know her mother and sister while in Torino and it was an emotional reunion when we saw each other again. This sister was very well loved as there was no space for everyone in the chapel, but it was beautiful to celebrate a life and be reminded that the plan of salvation is real and in effect everyday of our lives. I got very emotional during the funeral as I put myself in the situation. To loose a loved one, a mother in fact, would be a great challenge for me. I thought about all mom has done for us and how grateful I am to still have her around cheering me on. As I think about the great role mothers play in our lives it is hard to imagine a world with out her, you mom. Although it is not always the happiest of occasions I am grateful to have been blessed by the spirit that afternoon with a greater appreciation for the knowledge of our purpose.

As the days passed, we spent much time teaching people about the hope and joy to be found in the gospel. Tamara, a friend of our new investigator here spent an evening with us learning about Jesus Christ and how he can help us overcome or difficulties in life. Her grandson was born with a disability. Her daughter just had another baby girl a month ago and they just found out the father has a tumor in his stomach. She feels like there is too much weight on her and there is no way to over come the pain and despair. Tamara is slowly accepting Jesus Christ as her true Savior and has agreed to start reading the Book of Mormon. We had already taught her a lot of the lessons and she said she is not ready to change religions, but after that evening together she looked at her situation differently. When we are living in the world it is often times hard to have hope for the future and eternity, but Tamara's eyes were opened a little bit and it was great to see her heart change through the spirit.

We received a phone call from the office who had a referral for us. Who does not like a referral!? Well this one is special. Lilu. She came to meet us after a relief society service activity on Monday morning in the church. She met one of our great member missionaries who conveniently speaks English. Lilu is looking for the comfort from God and called the missionaries a few weeks after meeting them in another city. She pulled out a photo book of her Daughter who passed away in December at 1.4 years. I imagine as a single mother you feel a little like your heart has been ripped out, stomped on, put back in and now your body just does not function the same way. Tears were shed for sadness and hope. Lilu is ready to hear the joy the gospel has to bring and she opened her heart right up to a God, our Heavenly Father, who she never really believed in before.

In situations like these, you never really know what to say. But I am still learning that the spirit does and sometimes the right words just come out and you know that God is speaking for you. These past few weeks have helped me feel much closer to my Father in Heaven and helped me understand more about our plan. I am still amazed everyday at the wonders of eternity, but I know it is all true. We just have to find out for ourselves. Truth is everywhere.

I love working as an instrument in the hands of the Lord.

We are going to start the wave,
Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

p.s. I rest in Como another six weeks. New companion coming tomorrow.
p.p.s. Mom, I ironed my pajamas this morning.

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