03 February 2010

she's a maniac.

Yellow scarf around the neck, helmet on top of the computer, name tag above my heart. I am still a sister missionary and I am happy to have a smile on my face. This past week has been a little difficult as far as our work goes, but it is nice to know that I still feel good.

Last Wednesday we dropped Monica as an investigator. Thursday I sat in the midst of 4 emotional, southern, Italian woman (my companion included) as they all attempted to talk over one another and tell their story. In the end, every time I tried to calm them down it just got more heated. It was not an argument, it was just a conversation that the entire apartment complex could hear because no one wanted to listen to the other. In the end, Luisa still decided she does not need to come to church. At least she accepts our visits and really we hope that one day her heart softens in forgiveness. I know life is difficult and honestly I could not imagine living in Luisa's situation (who has a husband in prison, experienced the death of a son because he drove drunk, and is waiting to hear if her other son will be going to jail or not), but that just shows us how much more need we have of the Lord. It is only through him that the bruises of our soul can be healed. We will keep praying for Luisa and her grand return, because she really is missed in church.

Saturday I played following the leader through traffic on our bikes. I think the first time I was scared to ride my bike was following Nelly to find a bench. Good thing I am commanded to wear my dutiful helmet.

Sunday evening we scheduled an appointment with our new investigator Silvia to meet her younger brother. We showed up and met the brother (Hans) and another sister (Elisabet). This sister we had previously met bringing a Book of Mormon to even another sister (Erica) who I met on the bus. All in all, in these past few months we have met four members of the same family who all live in separate houses with their own families, but it all was brought together and obviously there was someone elses hand in the work. We are starting teaching Silvia and her husband Mauro, who we also met on Sunday. They are full of knowledge about the world, history, other religions, etc they are just waiting (even if they do not know it) to hear the message of the restored Gospel.

Monday district meeting and a power lesson with a member. Door to door was planned for all evening. The first apartment complex was a little difficult to enter, but finally made it in. We knocked our first door and a neighbor came storming down the stairs and threatened to call the police. The lady at the door slammed it in our face, and another neighbor came out to yell at us. The first time in my life I was scared doing house. We left. Police, not a thrilling thought. We did notice that there was another set of stairs and lo and behold our first door yelled at us. It was time to go. With my habit of looking up at balconies outside I noticed that a man was watching our every move. Our first accuser. He watched us walk around the corner and then when he could not see us he ran to his bedroom window to be sure we were really leaving. My tail was definitely between my legs in great fear.

I am very excited about tonight because we have planned to do finding work with a member. It is something new, but I imagine we will see success! This member is from France and is working here in Italy while her brother goes to school. She told me she is thinking about serving a mission so we decided to invite her to some of our fun casa time. I'll let you know how it goes!

The weather has been doings its fun dance between bitter cold and perfect. I am glad that February has made its way in and before long the trees will be green.

New news, the missions in Italy will be reducing from three to two in July. There will be the mission of Rome and the mission of Milan. Tuscany will be added to my mission, the most beautiful part of Italy!

I send my love to you. Happy February!

on the floor,
Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

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