24 February 2010

mrs. nezbit

Do you remember in Toy Story, when Buzz gets depressed and the evil neighbor Sid wins the game for a little while. Yesterday the name Mrs. Nezbit came into my mind while teaching a lesson. I, for the longest time, could not think of where it was from. Then I remembered a pink flowered hat and a cowboy sneaking around the door trying to rescue his dear friend. My mission has taken the life of Buzz Lightyear, as of late I fell into a slump and I imagine through reading my letters you have too noticed this. Last night and this morning I have given much thought to the purpose of missionary work and specifically my purpose as a missionary here in Italy. Through the many difficulties and challenges that every missionary faces often times it is easy to let your eye off the ball, or so to say. I regret to say that there have been times that my determination was destroyed by difficulties. I know we are all imperfect people and there are times we all fall, but I have learned something through all this. No matter how tall the horse, there is a way to get back on. Good thing Woody is a Cowboy and can help his friend get back on.

This is actually a challenge we face often times with investigators who think all hope is lost. As of late, Monica has given up on everything. After we left her last Sunday she has given up. I know how important agency is, but when someone does not use it correctly is breaks a heart or two.

In the most recent searches for souls we have found a decent number of people interested in learning and making commitments. Have you ever read the Book of Mormon? It is changing lives for those who sincerely search for the truth. It has changed mine. Last week we finally made contact with a woman who mentioned we could return, so we tried not knowing if anything would come of it. She is a teacher in the catholic church. When we presented the Book of Mormon as another volume of scripture that testifies of Jesus Christ her eyes brightened and immediately became curious. When we bore testimony of the truthfulness within something changed in her heart. I have gained a great love for the bible since being in a Catholic country, and that love has only increased my understanding of the truth to be found in the Book of Mormon. Even if I cannot convince someone of the truth, I know this book can. As missionaries of the Restored Church of Jesus Christ we have the greatest tool to present the Plan of Salvation and the eternal destiny of our souls.

The man next to us is singing in Arabic.

The sun is shining.

We are happy to be spreading the good news of the restoration.

Our toilette works again.

I am playing the mean companion. My very first transfer in Italy I experienced being wet from head to toe thanks to a car (who went our of his way, mind you)and a puddle of water in the rain. On our way home the other night I saw a puddle and cars going through it. That was the place we were to stop and wait for the cross walk. I stepped back when I saw cars coming and my companion looked at me. Not even two seconds later she was splashed. At least is was not a big one ... I also like to play a little game of mother duck. With any companion really. When I take someone to a new place I have to lead because I only know the way. Usually they follow behind. Depending on the street I enjoy crossing back and forth (not too often, but often enough to be annoying) to see if they keep following. I am positive my co got annoyed yesterday because on the way home she walked 15 feet ahead of me the whole way.

I miss the bicycles.

Hearts from one to another.

And beyond.
Sorella Frèdèrique Stone Carroll

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