17 February 2010


The only thing I do not love right now is this keyboard. Typos abound. Apologies.

I am happy to inform you that all is well and work is moving forward. New co, new goals, new opportunities. A little about the newest companion, she is from California and awesome. She is so much braver than I was and she even smiles when people yell at us. It is so much fun!

This week we passed all of our investigators to our partners in crime, the anziani. So we have spent many hours beating our knuckles against the door. I will tell you about Massimo. He is an artist for Disney kids books and is very happy. As a practicing Catholic he has a lot of faith in God and it is definitely manifest in his testimony. After he found out we could not come in to teach him we talked for some time outside his door. He is more of a Mormon than a Catholic based on what he believes, because he is the first I have met yet to talk to me about the Madonna. But really I love being able to testify to complete strangers of living prophets and know that they feel the spirit. I pray he will continue to feel the spirit and keep commitments to progress toward eternal salvation.

Sunday my new friend Diego came to church and sat next to me. He is more than ready to help his mom return to church and get his dad baptized based on how excited he was to do everything. He carried his Book of Mormon with pride and sang every hymn with me.

No more bikes for sister missionaries in Como because we had to return ours to Monica. We had borrowed them and now that we stopped working with her it only seemed right to return them. We left her with a spiritual thought Sunday when we brought them back and it was one of the more difficult lessons for me. I walked in and started crying. There was tobacco and cigarettes all over and nothing had changed since we last visited (meaning things on the table and in the sink, etc.). We read a short chapter from the Book of Mormon and bore testimony of the blessings of the gospel. Monica felt the spirit and knows what she can have, but the powers of the adversary and her own personal weaknesses are holding her back. Of course we all have weaknesses, but through our obedience we are able to find the strength to overcome the temptations that come our way. I love that our Father in Heaven does not leave us alone. The hardest part of this job is watching those you love not accept what you know they know they can have.

Cold in Como and loving life.
Family thank you for everything. I highly recommend you stop putting that cardboard cutout in pictures. (My red nose is less than attractive.) I'll be home soon enough to fill the empty space. Hah. Thank you for all the updates. Hearts loves and hugs.

Better letters to come in the future.

so happy together,
Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

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