23 December 2009

i'm dreaming of a white christmas.

Yes it is true. Christmas is very white this year and I am wandering the wet streets in heels until I can purchase black boots. Subito.

I felt just at home yesterday when I went to visit a new family and before we went in she gave us slippers to wear so that we would not dirty her floor. Mother, we are not the only ones. The only thing we are missing at home is dad in a plaid robe and a sweet polka-dot ascot around his neck. It was a delightful experience to teach this husband and wife with their granddaughter. At the beginning of the lesson I asked Carolina the three year old who Jesus Christ was. Although she did not really know, we pulled out a picture and she was drawn immediately to it. We talked about his birth and his life and how today we have his church restored so that we can return to God in our families for eternity. The wife seemed to listen intently. She told us she was not very religious and her husband is atheist. At the end of the lesson we gave Carolina a pass along card with a picture of Jesus Christ. She took it and placed it on her heart. Just like we all should do, place Christ on our heart.

Monday and Tuesday this week I spent with my companion from the MTC on a companion exchange. Nearly a year ago we were together and it was great to see how both of us have progressed and improved. We were able to make a few visits to new families and invite them to learn about Jesus Christ. It is great being able to celebrate this time of the year as a missionary. Even if it means being away from your family, it is just as great being able to share your love with others who really are our brother and sisters! I feel like I am just reconnecting with loved ones I once knew.

Christmas in the life of a missionary in the Milan Italy Mission: Everyday is a normal day. Except there is more joy in the hearts of the people around you. Tomorrow for Christmas Eve we will be going to our dear Giustina to eat and enjoy a little of the Christmas spirit. We will make our way to the Duomo of Como at about 11:00 pm to participate in midnight mass. I passed up the opportunity to go a year ago with my siblings, but I am glad to have an opportunity this year and to attend a tradition that many of my Italian neighbors participate in year to year.

Christmas will be a calm day, but still full of visits to our loved ones. My companion and I have been invited over to our bishop's house to have a Christmas lunch. Then we will be off to visit our friends who will be alone for the holiday. The holidays should never be spent alone so we are out to change that.

I am content about Christmas this year and love teaching about Jesus Christ. I only get one of this Christmases, so I am going to make it special.

I wish you all the merriest of Christmases. Remember what it really is about. This year the best gift you could give is your testimony of our Savior. As I search for the opportunity to do so, I pray that we may all do so. After all it is He who saves us. I pray for you daily and hope that you know I love you.

If only in my dreams.
Sorella Frèdèrique Stone Carroll.

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