16 December 2009



I'll start there.

Yesterday I sat in zone conference while missionaries, president, president's wife, and senior couple missionaries all bore testimony of our savior Jesus Christ. I sat, silently pondering what Christ has done for me personally. The answer came to be everything. As the days approach the universal celebration of His birth I am even more excited to be his representative. What a beautiful time to celebrate our Savior. I know I have said it before, but I will say it again...it is an incredible blessing to be able to carry his name with me.

As I mentioned last week, a man did stop and ask me if my name was Jesus Christ. I quickly corrected him, but it is always an honor to bear testimony of Him. The more you do it, the happier you will be. I have learned more than ever, a testimony of Christ is simply trying to be more like him every day. In the simple things.

As far as Joaquin goes, we met with his mom last week! He is safe in Peru and sends us his hello through his mother.

M is for Monica and her miraculous progression. Monica is an investigator who has been in and out since 1996. I witnessed a change right before my eyes. I will never forget the way I felt two weeks ago in a cluttered house while Monica looked me in the eyes and said "What you are doing is true." We had tried, what seems like, a million different approaches to teaching her and helping her pay attention. Monica is very intelligent and loves learning, therefore learning about the Church of Jesus Christ has been very interesting to her. I do not know if she every really gained a testimony of the truthfulness. It could have easily come and gone, as most of our testimonies rise and fall, but at this moment there is no way she could deny the spirit we have felt in our latest meetings. She came to church with us for the first time and I saw tears in her eyes during every meeting. If Monica isn't a miracle, than I do not know what is.

I probably tell you the same things every week. My love grows more and more. But my life has not changed. I am still roaming the streets of Italy searching for those who are ready for the truth. In fact a couple weeks ago my companion and I were walking home and I stopped at an apartment complex and felt, we should go in. The door was open to a pleasant surprise and we started knocking doors. Even if it was 8:30 at night I felt we should invite our neighbors to hear about the restored gospel.

Giusi asked through the door, "who is it" we told her and she said oh I am a Catholic Christian. I said "great! we are Christian too." She let us in. Her first thought was that we were Jehovah's Witnesses but we quickly explained who we are and what we do. We had a brief lesson and she said we could return. We have returned twice now to talk about the plan of salvation. Tonight she will hear for the first time the story of the Restoration. I do not know why I am so nervous about this one, but I pray that she will feel the spirit of the truth. That the story of Joseph Smith will touch her heart. Although we do not worship Joseph Smith we do revere him and his incredible faith. I am forever grateful for him and his prayer that he offered at the age of 14. All thanks to him, we now have the assurance that God loves us and has provided a way to return. The blessings from Him are endless, and they are for all of us!

My Italiana and I are doing wonderfully. I have noticed she is a little like me. Independent with no desire for help. A trial and error type of person. Maybe mom I understand your frustrations with me? A little? I am probably worse. Sorry. Besides the fact that we are both stubborn we get along great. I began to miss having fun with my companions and I am laughing again as we work which makes everything that much better. I have tried to make the work fun at least for myself, but it more enjoyable when your co is in it with you! I am grateful to have a smile on my face every day. (Even when my toes are frozen and I fall off the curb.)

Happy week before Christmas!

Thank you.

I'll finish here,
I love you.

Keep cooly cool.
Sorella Frederique Stone Carroll

p.s. Last week email problems will remain last weeks because...Myldsmail is teaming up with Google and I am getting a new email address. Next week I will begin with it. Since I am unaware of how the changes will go you can still write to me here.

Sorella Carroll and Santa Claus

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