04 November 2009

everything good goes here.

Letters from mother, father and sister all included Eric in the first line so I thought I might as well too. Sounds like a fun week and I will tell you, I can not wait to come back home to join in on the fun. Good thing, though, I am having fun here!
Today I met the man who (apparently) lives next door to George Clooney. He does not believe in using paper, therefore would not accept the pass-a-long card I attempted to put in his shirt pocket while my hands were full of grocery bags. He could just be crazy (like the rest of us) with holes in our hats and dirt on our shoes. I threw away the cheetah boots due to some rather big holes that just appeared one day. Brown shoes, destroyed. Messenger bag, almost destroyed. (Side note, Darien or Dad do you know if there is a warranty on Manhattan portage, because if so maybe I do not need to buy a whole new bag. It is just the zipper that is broke. So 'destroyed' was an exaggeration, story of my life.)

In the life of a missionary it is obvious that you would be meeting a number of people. Last week was no exception.

Last Thursday I met Maria on the bus. I leaned over and complimented her on her scarf. Next thing I know it is around my neck. Maria gave me her scarf.

Frederica and I bonded over having the same name. She is interested in learning about eternal families, so we are going to teach her.

Mustapha believes religion was created to tame the savage man. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was put in place, I guess you could say to "tame the savage man." We will also be meeting with him again. I forgot my bus pass on my desk after lunch on Monday but did not realize it until we were too far to go back. Companion had an extra to get me to the top of the hill. Returning that evening would have been a long walk, so we walked into the Tabaccheria. There stood Fernanda, like she was waiting for us. Bought the tickets, but I could not help but notice her staring at us and our name tags. I started to just talk to her. It turned into a 30 minute conversation about the restoration of the Gospel and parts of the Plan of Salvation. At one point, Fernanda started talking with no pauses. She just told us what was on her mind and finally said..."Why am I saying all this?" I believe it was because she knew we could answer her questions. She is excited to introduce us to her family!

Yesterday we had time to do finding work. Door to door was the decision. We met Emma as she got off the elevator. I asked about her family, told her a little about me, and she invited us in to see the pictures. She then showed us a picture of her daughter at the age of 4 or 5 before she passed away. She said she believed her daughter was with God. I told her she was right. Then she said "How do you know?" We will be visiting her. Although we did not teach a lesson to Emma (due to her lack of time), I asked if we could pray with her. She agreed. After I said the prayer she looked at me and said "thank you, I needed that prayer." I saw a miracle unfold before my eyes with Emma. She was closed and had no interest in the beginning, but as soon as we showed her we actually cared about her she understood a little more that we could possibly have something she has been searching for.

I do not have the end of the story for any of these individuals, but whatever happens I hope they know their Father in Heaven does love them!

Tonight I am going to visit Monica Angliotti to invite her to be baptized. We are praying that this time she commits.

I love my life!

I love you!

your affectionate friend,
Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

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