21 October 2009

The lies of the monkey.

To my dearests.

I start by telling you the old ladies here mow their lawns in nylons and skirts. An old man came up to me yesterday and started chanting “la balla della schimmia” in my face. I later learned that “balla” means lies, never heard that version of the word I thought it meant dance. Translated: The lies of the monkey. I met my favorite comasco family, an artist couple with two kids.

Everyday is an adventure. Everyday is full of miracles. Miracles that sometimes I wonder why I am so blessed to witness. Amid difficulties, I managed to find peace. Everyday last week I took lunch time and evening time to listen to, read and ponder the words of our church leaders. It was in the silent moments in our room that I really learned of my Heavenly Father's love and guidance. Even when I am imperfect or selfish He still is offering help. Silent whisperings of the spirit, leading me to more happiness and comfort. This is the joy of a loving Heavenly Father I am trying to help others understand. I stood at the door of an apartment where two young men lived. One kept claiming this life is just for suffering and God does not exist. He said other things, but my only response was God does exist, He does loves you. I invited him to search it out. Since we could not enter the house without another woman we left a DVD called “Finding Happiness.” We will be visiting tonight to get back our movie. Hopefully Roggero has done some thinking.

Last week I sat next to a man named Richard on the bus. We went to visit him and his family on Sunday. Richard has put a lot of trust in us two 21 (almost 22! woo!) year old girls. He is interested in what we have to offer, but we keep trying to reassure him it is nothing that we have, it is what God will do. We are just His messengers. It is actually very strange how much trust everyone puts in us. Something I started noticing as a missionary is that people really to look at me like a representative of Jesus Christ. I wear His name above my heart, literally. An experience that I would never trade for a million dollars.

I wish I had news of baptisms and excitement, but I do have news of new investigators with plenty of will to learn. I am seeing my new dearest friends make changes in their lives without even knowing it. I have secret eyes that they do not have.

All is well in Italy. The weather is getting colder and colder. The humidity reaches right to the bones. I started getting smart by sleeping with the hair dryer next to bed to when I get cold I can warm up the bed in a minute. Doubled up nylons. Scarfs. And luckily today is only rain. Como and I have fallen in love.

Happy 100 degree weather, school, wedding planning, family fun, love, Halloween, etc.

La Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

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