07 October 2009

Jesus loves you more than you know.


I want to write you a personal letter today.

It seems mom and dad are anxious to know what the big change is tomorrow! I will tell you that I am going to have a great film reference when I baptize George Clooney in Como! Yes that is right, I am going to Como, Italy. I am beyond excited because I hear only good things about the beautiful city on the lake. No tears yet, but I am sad to leave all of my friends here in Torino. I have made many eternal friends that I will one day meet again.

I have done a lot of growing up here in Torino. Torino, basically being the start of my mission, taught me a lot of things. I learned how to be a missionary my first four transfers, but with some companions and difference ideas about the work it was not REALLY put into practice until this past transfer. When Sorella Huber arrived and we got real work done everything literally blew up, in a good way. Sorella Huber and I have been so tired every night (although I still do not sleep often). I am actually really sad to be leaving her. I trust she will be taking very very good care of Torino and the people here already love her. But you get so used to a good companion, you have the best transfer of your mission and then next thing you know the Lord splits you up. Of course I am more than happy to go the will of the Lord, since He always knows better, but we work so well together. I hope I can help all my companions really find the spirit of the work and the rest of my mission will continue as such. I commit to you all to keep working hard. Mom, another roommate prospect...Sorella Huber (we already talked about it last night. She said the Yellow House. Darien will tell you what that is.)

The fresh fall leaves crunching under my feet have been music to my ears. Receiving a smile back is like music to my growing heart. More importantly the General Conference addresses are still playing music to my soul. It is a marvelous blessing to be able to hear the words of the Prophet, apostles and other General Authorities...half a world away. I see that it was well enjoyed by you all. Saturday and Sunday I left conference a new and determined missionary. I wish every weekend was conference weekend!

Everyone here is still progressing and we set another baptismal date. I am so excited for the new sister that is coming in to take my spot and work with these wonders. Funny story, I learned that our dear dear Maria is the aunt of a less active family in our ward. Small world. I will miss the confirmation of Katiuscia on Sunday, and our four baptisms. But I got to take part in a million miracles while here, it is time for someone else to see the magic! Plus, Como will be just as magical.

I have officially turned into, what many would call, a nerd. I like my life more than ever. The other day I sat next to a woman on the tram and started a conversation. She said she was good and I said I was too. Then she looked at me and said "You are good. I can see it. But not just on the outside, I can see it on the inside, in your smile." Probably one of the best compliments you can get. Do you know why I am good, even great!? Because I am living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray morning and night, I read my scriptures daily and I keep my baptismal and temple covenants. I share the gospel with everyone I meet. The way, the right way, the happy way is to living the commandments. Those who do it, understand. Even when the trials come, you have a reason to hope. This is not a rant to show you that I am a good person, because if you know me at all you know I am so far from perfect, but this is even to help myself understand the joy of it all! As Paul Simon said it, "Heaven holds a place for those who pray." Happiness in your heart.

The love just keeps growing.

I love you all con tutto il mio cuore. Until next week, in Como!

Here's to you Mrs. Robinson,
Sorella Frederique Stone Carroll

post script. I am not the only one who does the potty dance nearly every five minutes here in Italy. There was a man doing it the other day on the tram. Always glad to know I am not alone.

post script 2. I hope you enjoy my last week of Torino in pictures!

English Class in Torino

Olympic Bridge in Torino

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