19 August 2009

we are the same height.

I have a new companion! An Italian! who is teaching me everything right now. We are sad to say this is only a mini-mission though, therefore she will be parting in three weeks, FOR AMERICA! I teach her English, she teaches me Italian. We are a perfect team, and finally I have a companion about my height.

I am unsure how much better I will be than my brother at this moment, but at least I am writing right? But really, there is not much to say except for that I am still happy and still loving being a missionary. The days are hot and long, our investigators are on vacation, we are talking to just about everyone we see and still seeing our daily miracles. Sometimes I feel like I tell you the same things over and over again...maybe I do, but this work is nothing less than wonderful. I am grateful everyday that I have the opportunity to be here. Even if time does move too quickly, we are making the most of it! I can promise you that much!

May I tell you a story about our friend Maria? I am almost positive I wrote about her a couple weeks ago, but to freshen your memory...Maria is the mother of a member and wants to be baptized but her husband will not give his consent. She has been maintaining her faith and still attends church every Sunday. In fact two Sundays ago we saw a miracle with her husband. He came to pick her up from church and even gave us Sorelle a ride home. And what happened next? Maria called us on Tuesday and mentioned that we could finally come meet her at her house! Over the past three months we have not been permitted to go, and finally her husband softened his heart (just enough). Although it may take some more time, we are seeing the blessings of faith. That really is the answer to it all. Faith.

I will finish here. All is well!
Family I love you.
Even if I miss you, I know I am where I need to be!

That is neat!
Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

The Nun we do service with!

Genova seaside cliffs

Sorella Carroll and Sorella Glass hanging ten in Genova

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