30 July 2009

don't tip the boat over!

Dear Family.

I love that I have a family back home making righteous decisions and using the Lord for direction and guidance. I am excited to hear all about everything that is going on. In fact I am always excited to hear about what you are all doing. Even though you are getting tans right now, I am not quite jealous because I still believe (and know) I am doing the greatest work on earth. I am just still working on being the greatest at it! But I guess you have to work when it comes to being very imperfect. Sai?
As you can see we are a day late in our e-mail. Why? Myldsmail was down and out yesterday. Instead I took time to write handwritten letters and catch up. While I was writing I was thinking about what I have done and will be able to do. With watery eyes I stopped and pondered on the moment I first opened my call letter. (Remember when I could barely talk?) I remember kneeling down in front of the envelope more than once before I opened it. I asked for the confirmation that serving a mission was the right thing and that I would know I was receiving a call from the Lord. A "Dear Sister Carroll" and a few tears later I knew this was it. A week later a confirmation came when I listened to the words of a Prophet. A month later the same feeling as I knelt and prayed for help and forgiveness for my imperfections. The MTC, evening one in Italia, my first baptism, my first transfer, onto companion number three, writing letters to fellow missionaries across the world, and finally this very moment. I am grateful the Lord is giving me constant reminders, through the Holy Ghost, that I am doing the right thing. With my sister, I say I am grateful for the sweet spirit that we feel when we know what we are doing is right. Or when it helps us make a decision that is right in the eyes of the Lord. After all, if there is anything I have learned in my 21.5 years of existence is that the Lord really does know me better than anyone else, so why not accept his guiding influence to direct my life for good?

I began to think about all this as I just learned at the end of this transfer I will send home not 1, not 2, but ALL 3 of my companions. It is hard enough sending one on her way, but knowing that the three people who have helped you grow and learn are all moving onto real life makes the whole end of this magic wonderland real. I am done thinking about it. In fact, I decided no one will know when I go home until the day I stand to bear my last testimony as a missionary.

Torino is talented at getting hotter and hotter everyday. More and more people are leaving on vacation. Streets are getting more vacant and I cannot wait. It just means the Lord has chosen for me who I am to talk to, by keeping them here in Torino. I guess we could say he is technically making my job a little easier?

Last Sunday was a miracle. My companion and I have been struggling to commit our investigators to come to church and out of no where 7 people made their appearance. An August miracle!

My hair has faded.
We are making new friends everyday!
I still mess up the language.
Our ward has baptisms the next two weekends!
Our investigator Lucille accepted a baptism date.
Epifania brought her daughter to church last week.

And I have learned how important my work is now, and after the mission. Our transfer focus is working with members, meaning we are going to put in the extra effort to strengthen the relationships. But I have learned what it means to be a member missionary as well. Missionary work would be impossible without the help of you members, so thank you! Keep working.

I am in love with Italy, my mission, and you all!

rock the boat.
Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll

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