01 July 2009

how does it feel?

I just looked down at my missionary tag. Nice and black above my heart. Representing what I am doing and who I am doing it for. Yesterday I sat across from my President, who I have so much respect for, in an interview. He helped me realize the things I am doing and accomplishing, looking back I suppose I have seen a Rique grow into more of a Sorella. I, of course, have much more progress to make...but I am grateful for all the experiences I have had and those to come to help me become a better servant of our Savior.

This morning in my scripture study I opened up to the Bible Dictionary and read about grace. I was lead through a chain of scriptures that punched me in the heart. Leading me to really understand what the power of grace is. "It is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do." But not until we do all that we can possibly do. So when it comes to being lazy, you just can not. My best may not be your best, but as long as I give mine then the Grace of Christ will come into play. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for giving me the daily help that I receive. I am a witness of His miracles, everyday.

One miracle I would like to share has to do with last week. Before our zone meeting we were given the challenge to set up 5 appointments with members present. This is our standard of excellence and my Sorella and I were already working on it. As we put forth all our effort to get faithful members' help we were able to set up all 5. To our disappointment all 5 were canceled by investigators. In fact, on Saturday alone we had 3 appointments cancel in a row. Like dominoes. Since we were close to our apartment we went up stairs not knowing what to do with our last 2 hours of the day. You know those moments when you feel like there is no point to anything you do, so why even try? That was how we were feeling. Instead I went into our room by myself and got down on my knees and said a prayer. A prayer asking for the faith to keep going. As soon as I got up we were out the door on our way to Olympic Park. We placed two Books of Mormon, taught a lesson, and found two new investigators. All because we did not give up, and because Heavenly Father gave us the will and strength to keep going.

The second miracle I saw was Sunday after church. I may have told you about Epifania, but she is a dear little Peruvian lady who has been working with missionaries for over a year. With baptism dates come and gone it almost seemed unlikely she would ever fully commit. Two weeks ago Sorella Glass and I decided to give her some space and let her ponder on her own. Apparently she did just that. She showed up to church and immediately following Sacrament meeting went into Bishop's office. I heard a little commotion and walked outside to see the Anziani, a few members and Epifania. I walked up to Epifania who was standing by herself and asked her what had happened. She had watery eyes, then I started to cry because I already knew. She set her baptism date for none other than Independence Day! Saturday July 4th! She does not know everything, like all of us, but she is taking that step of faith and giving what she has to the Lord. The best decision anyone could ever make. I am beyond excited for this wonderful woman and feel so blessed to have been able to work with her for the past 10 weeks. The Lord works miracles, He does not let you down!

Family you are all over the place. You are crazy, wild, the best! Thank you for sharing all your experiences and adventures with me. I love hearing about the little things. Thank you for being the family that you are. There is another miracle of the Lord. We were brought together for a reason and I could not imagine my life without your love. Thank you for being so supportive of not only me, but all of my friends. I love you for your love.

I will keep working hard! I thank you for your prayers.

Happy fireworks!

to be on your own,
your daughter, your sister, your friend.
Sorella Frederique Stone Carroll

p.s. Mom and Dad I remember you mentioning something about a hot Sunday in church while in Italy...If only Italians knew air conditioning existed. Hot houses, hot churches, hot outside. Welcome to July!

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