15 July 2009

Good morning son.

To my dears.

Update of the week: Torino has officially become my home. I will be dwelling in
this city for another six weeks with Sorella Glass (first transfer without a
change! Weird!). I imagine I will be around here for awhile, which pleases me.

Adventure of the week: Mount Torre Pellice. 4:45 wake up call. Ten fun-filled
hours of hiking. Twelve missionaries and a mom in flip flops. Saturday was our
cultural day of the transfer and we took advantage of nature. I have more hunting
stories than I would ever want. I laughed more than you would think possible.
And I nearly lost my life from going too crazy. I am told, as people went back to
look at the area where I rolled over the edge, that had I not grabbed the branch
that I did it would have been the end. I believe I was fine all along,
especially since my companion and I were laughing before, during and after the
fall. I did learn to calm down, at least. The hike was a success and we made it
to the top, where once stood President Lorenzo Snow. We stood on dedicated
ground, where a prayer was said beginning the mission work in...Switzerland.
Lorenzo Snow also dedicated the land of Italy during his mission in Europe, so
it is all the same right? All I know is it was the longest day of fun I have had
in a long time.

Feelings of the week: The hike starts off our next transfer with a bang. We will
be receiving a new district leader, and Sorella Glass and I are ready to find
new investigators. (fresh and so clean clean.) New investigators because lately
our work has gone down hill, but it is already on its way up. I only have until
August 18th to work with Sorella Glass so we are going to make this short month
the best. Torino is going to turn upside down. Sai?

Spiritual thought of the week: Lately, being stuck in a pattern has had a
strange effect on me. I have been thinking a lot about who I am and who I want to
become. When my companion told me about a conference talk she recently read, I
decided this is what I need to read. Elder Dallin H. Oaks strikes again. In
October 2000, Elder Oaks left us with the “challenge to become”. Now in July
2009 I am taking him up on the offer. So here I go. Sometimes we find it easy to
just go through the actions because we are told or we know they are right. But
it is important to be converted in the process. Elder Oaks says it better, “It
is not enough for anyone just to go through the motions. The commandments,
ordinances, and covenants of the Gospel are not a list of deposits required to
be made in some heavenly account. The gospel of Jesus Christ is a plan that
shows us how to become what our Heavenly Father desires us to become.”
That is the whole purpose of life right? To gain everything our Father in Heaven
has. So it requires a little bit of extra effort on my part. I do it, to become
it. I am so grateful for the daily guidance that I receive. As I make new goals for
a new transfer I hope that I can become more of the missionary that my Heavenly
Father needs me to be.

Finally, mistake of the week: Mom, I remember I promised you I would not do
anything insane (i.e. chop off my hair) on my mission, but I broke a promise. A
promise that is soon to be unbroken, it is just a matter of when. No, I did not
exactly give myself a pixie cut (or even cut my hair for that matter) but I did
do something a little crazy. I mention mistake of the week because it was
definitely a mistake. Recently I have had two men, men mind you, ask me why my
hair is two different colors. That is my fault since I have not found time to
spend a couple hours in a salon getting my hair done. I found it humorous that
the male gender pointed it out to me first, so my companion and I decided to
finish the comments and do something about it. My hair is no longer blonde. But
will be shortly. We are resting at a light shade of auburn brown. Mother I
needed to take your advice from the beginning. I should always listen from the
beginning, but you have known me my whole life and for some reason I go off on my
own, make the mistake and then learn. Apologies.

Love of the week: My mission. (period). The adventure of a lifetime. Thank you
for the support, love, letters, pictures, prayers, joy, etc. that you have given
me! I am thankful everyday for a family that I love and get to spend eternity

I am a bird,
Sorella Frédérique Stone Carroll.

The Torino Skyline

Mole Antonelliana and Binoculars

The hike and auburn hair


The Bellyakers... said...

The Worthens LOVE auburn...

We love you!

Richard said...


This is your uncle Rick. I was worried you got hurt in your fall. Don't scare me like that!

I love your natural look. Think twice about coloring it, no think three times.

Love you, keep working hard.
Uncle Rick