08 July 2009

fun, fun, fun.

This week.
This week I think I want to tell you about why I love Italy. Love being a missionary. Love knowing I am a daughter of God.

I started this transfer 5 weeks ago with four days in Genova. I was separated from my real companion and when I finally got home I realized how much I missed Torino. Evidence that God does help us love everywhere we serve. It was an interesting week but a good start to a great transfer.

As Sorella Glass and I got used to each other I got us lost more than once. We have been on a hunt with our Relief Society President looking for our less-active members. Since phone numbers are old it has become a door to door adventure.

Part of the adventure happens when you get on the bus going to the next visit and a man stands up, walks over to you, grabs your hand and kisses it. It is even more awkward when you run into him again a few weeks later and you had rejected him when he tried to kiss you on the cheek...

I never told you that I saw my new best friend while I was riding the bus. She was on the street, headphones in and completely into what she was doing. I am glad to know I am not the only crazy who dances down the street. She even pulled out the lasso move, I do that almost every day now. Making missionary work that much more enjoyable. I love when people are driving down the road blasting a little Lou Bega. Or when an old man comes to the bus stop and sets his large bag of milk on the ground like he is waiting for the bus too. So you offer your seat and he accepts. He begins to relay how there is a great milk sale going on around the corner. Then he starts singing about the sun to your companion and looks at you and tells you need more sun. (What can you do as a missionary...). He stops singing to point out two dogs coming down the street and puts his foot out when they pass as if to trip them. He tells you all about his eye operations, half of which is in french. Finally the bus arrives and you ask if he is taking the same bus (mind you, it was the only bus that stops there) and he says "No, I live right around the corner" with a smile and starts on his way. Thank you for the company sir!

Oh, by the way...the Sorelle do not have to wear nylons in the summer anymore! Great news from President's Wife!

Another reason I love the above stated, is because I get the opportunity to work with such great missionaries, sisters and elders. My companion included!

Finally, Sorella Carroll has never laughed so much as she has in the past 5 weeks. Sorella Glass and I have been visiting a Sorella Spagnuolo and her father every week. Fratello Spagnuolo is a hoot and a half. He is 85 years old and my favorite. One visit we asked him to give the closing prayer, which may or may not have gone on for 20 minutes. As we were leaving he yelled "Thank you for the prayer" as we were already halfway down the stairs. Another time we helped Sorella Spagnuolo with the grocery shopping and came home to a sleeping Fratello on the balcony with the water in the sink running into an over-flowing cup. He woke up just in time for gelato. This same man offered me a Book of Mormon and told me "one day when we are in heaven you will thank me". Although he is a little pazz, I am grateful for his happy heart and kindness towards me. He has been a little burden lifter giving Sorella Glass and I another something to get excited about. I always hope he answers the phone when I call!

Since the list goes on and on and on I will stop boring you here and maybe I can come up with something good for next week. But one thing I have learned that helps me keep the love is making the choice. It all depends on a choices that I make. Namely, waking up in the morning with a good attitude. That makes all the difference.

I read a talk by President James E. Faust the other day that is another reminder of what I need to be doing. Entitled "Choices" I really learned that what I choose to do now will determine my future, and not only in this life.

"Some of our important choices have a timeline. If we delay a decision, the opportunity is gone forever. Sometimes our doubts keep us from making a choice that involves change. Thus an opportunity may be missed. As someone once said, 'When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that in itself is a choice.'"

This week I choose to keep going and keep trying to improve myself. I think for the first time in my life I am realizing how important my decisions are. I have heard for quite some time "decisions determine destiny," but now as I am watching others make some of the most important decisions I realize they really do determine everything to follow.

I was able to watch another baptism this past weekend. It was a beautiful and sweet experience watching Epifania from my position at the piano as she cried while singing "Come Follow Me." After a year of studying and attending church she finally overcame and made the decision that is the most important, to follow Christ. This is why I love being a missionary. I love to see people change their lives to give what they have back to God. I love seeing the joy that the Gospel brings. I love that I have this eternal happiness, but I love even more that I can share it with the world! It is impossible to love something so much and not share it with everyone you know.
We all have choices to make! So lets make them.

take the t-bird away,
Sorella Frederique Stone Carroll

p.s. I am a slacker with the photographs, I know. I promise to try and get better. I keep forgetting my camera.


Alyse said...

rique is the bomb! <3 <3 <3

Rachel Ricchio said...

you're making me miss italy. stop it.