24 June 2009

ay-oh ay-oh

This week words are not really coming to what I would like to tell you.
Sometimes it seems this way, so much going through your head you can't pin point
a certain thought.

This morning as I was studying I read the hymn I Stand All Amazed, and wanted to
share with you a verse that struck me. Like Robert, I too stand all amazed. "I
tremble to know that for me He was crucified; that for me a sinner, He suffered, He bled and died."

My testimony is strengthened every time I remember what Jesus Christ has
overcome so that you and I can be happy. This is what I will continue to share
so that we can all find the happiness. The joy. The love. The life!

I would like to share with you a little about the people I work with. They are
so much a part of my life, that is seems important for you to know them too. I
was reviewing my past planners and I realized how much we focus everything on
our investigators. We make plans a week in advance, we pray, we focus all of our
thoughts on what we can do to help them, we study for them. My life right now is
centered on helping these special people make the decision to change their lives
and repent. Not repent because they are terrible sinners, but repent because we
are all imperfect. You, me, your neighbor, your friend, all of us have yet to
reach that stage of perfection...but with the help of Jesus Christ we can walk
along the straight and narrow and eventually reach exaltation.

Lucille Guzman. A 19 year old girl from Paraguay who is catholic but has a
desire to find a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Last week she informed us she
had quit smoking and drinking. At that point we had yet to teach her the Word of
Wisdom, but decided to make the decision on her own because she had read about
the commandment previously. We were able to read through Doctrine and Covenants
89 with her and explain the blessings and promises that are associated with
obedience to the commandments. Lucille has made the commitment and has found
more joy in her life. I am grateful for her example, dedication and diligence is
all it takes to be obedient. Then you receive the blessings.

Maurizia Miranda. A 41 year old flower shop owner who has already read the entire
Book of Mormon and is currently working on the Bible. Maurizia knows the entire
story of Joseph Smith and believes it to be true. In the coming week we are
inviting her to be baptized and as she comes to church and continues to read and
pray I know that she will make the decision to change her life.

Both of these women hold special places in my heart. Being able to think, pray,
talk with, teach, and whatever else we do is a privilege. This week I have seen
a change with both and I can feel the love the our father in heaven has for
them. It is such a blessing to see someone make a change for the better. As we
turn to the Lord our happiness radiates. Others notice. Life becomes peaceful.
We know where we are going and why!

I would like to leave you with my testimony that the Lord really does listen. He
knows the desires of my heart. He knows what I need. He is ready to give it to
me too. All I have to do is ask for the guidance. We will always receive answers
to our prayers, sometimes we just have to patient. Day after day I find an
answer, that sometimes I do not even know I am looking for. Proving that He
knows me better than anyone. Answers can come through various mediums, whether
it be through someone else, scriptures, thoughts, even looking out the window
down the street. The Lord speaks to us in different ways, it does not matter
how. I know that He wants to help me.

Tonight I will teach a woman names Giusi who said she wants the happiness I
have. I am going to tell you the same thing I will tell her. You can have it, it
just takes the effort on your part and you will find. Turn to the Lord and he
will make you clean. For us as sinners, He suffered, He bled and died. Keep
turning to the Lord and making the change.

My heart is full of gratitude. I appreciate the guidance I have received from
you family and from my Heavenly Father. I am happier than ever being a
missionary. I had the opportunity to remind myself why I am doing this when I
was asked to bear my testimony at zone conference. My testimony is reconfirmed.

Thank you times a million.

walk like an egyptian,
Sorella Frederique Stone Carroll

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Bjorn said...

Hey Sister RC!

I'd ask what's up, but your blog says it all! It sounds like you are having a great time and are blessing others lives more than any of us can probably imagine! Those investigators are super lucky to have a young savior on Mount Zion such as yourself showing them the way! Thank you for sharing your testimony with us too. Love ya!