27 May 2009

there is love.

"Even if you cannot always see that silver lining on your clouds, God can, for He is the very source of the light that you seek. He does love you, and he knows your fears. He hears your prayers. He is your Heavenly Father and surely He matches with His own the tears His children shed." --Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

There is nothing more important in my life at this moment. Knowing that there is someone who understands. Someone who loves with patience, grace and mercy. My inevitable imperfections are still loved. Lucky me. What more need have we to do the same if we receive that. Yes I am learning how important it is to love every imperfection in every person. I know we all want the best for those we love, but you have to let them mess up so they can learn. We have agency for that purpose. So when I want to take away someone's freedom to choose and make that decision for them self I have to remind myself the whole purpose of life. John 3:16-17.

As time is short this week, family, I will be leaving you there. I love you. I pray for you, all of you. I could not be more grateful to have a family that has taught me so much. I know our love is eternal, and for that I am happy.

As we say,
Sorella Frederique Stone Carroll

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