08 April 2009

never gonna leave...

"The next time you are tempted to groan, you might try to laugh instead. It will extend your life, and make the lives of all those around you more enjoyable."
--Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

My new philosophy. I believe laughter is the key, and maybe that is because I laugh too much. Apology. Try it next time. I have found it much more satisfying to laugh because then it makes EVERYTHING fun. I'll tell you an experience...
My companion and I were asked to visit one of the counselor's mother. She had previously rejected invites to take missionary lessons, but consented this time. Being missionaries and all, we jumped on in and set up an appointment. It was a Friday morning and we were on our way, sort of. None of the buses were working in our favor and unfortunately we did not learn of any other way to reach her house until after. The last bus we had to catch passed maybe a minute before we got there, laugh. It was a decision to walk or wait thirty minutes for another bus. Walking it was. We were well on our way when we learned we would be walking up-mountain (not just up hill) the whole way. What we did not know was that it would take us an hour to reach our destination. When we work in two we support each other and keep one another moving. Sorella Rasmussen and I were so happy to be going for a hike in one of the most beautiful areas I have seen. Oh, there to our left is a castle. The higher we got, the bigger my hair. We could see our breath, but we were also wet due to sweat and humidity. I thought at one point, "why are we both smiling, laughing and singing?" Because, we are missionaries! I have never seen a more surprised person when she saw what we had done. But we were satisfied because the bus pulled up 15 seconds after we did. WE WON!

We may have not been the most presentable for a new investigator lesson...but it was well worth the beauty of the view and the chance to meet a very interesting, smart woman! I will be sure to inform you what comes of our adventure!

We go from day to day trying to get people to accept our message. The woman next to me on the bus is praying as we pass a Catholic church and the man in front is singing in English. Neither have an interest, but they are still a joy to talk to. The old man in the red shoes, corduroy jacket, and argyle sweater walks past and all I want to do is go stop him. I guess all you can offer is a smile.

THEN you contact a referral just for fun because someone canceled. You are already by their house and they say yes come one in. She has two boys, one is 1 the other is 3. She has a hope in eternal families, and I have already fallen in love. Our quick five minute visit turns into thirty and we leave with another appointment. You never get too sad, because you know there is someone else out there.

You go to visit a meno-attivo and when you leave to buy her groceries an old man tells you that you need a tan. As you are leaving the grocery store you catch a glimpse of a friend at home and realize it is just a gypsy with a beard and scarf around his head.
You start to dance at the bus stop because you have to go to the bathroom so bad. You slightly enjoy it because it is the only time you get to dance in public on a mission.
At the end of the day you can not wait for the next.

All the while you are laughing. Because someone has put extra love and joy in your heart and you could not do this without that support.

We did a Conference blitz this week. Anyone and everyone was invited. Bus, train, street, neighbors, church. You name it, we got it. The pigeons pooped, the dog mess was stepped in, the old men were more interested in the Sorelle than the invite, the rain fell, and we were able to get a good number of people to attend. Unfortunately for me Conference was not well understood, a good 6 hours of language practice though.

It just keeps getting better. Everyday. Week. Month. Thank you.

Lemon groves,
Sorella Frederique Stone Carroll

photograph: We went to Genova Nervi to see the beach. This man caught my fancy.

Sorella Carroll, Beatrice, and Sorella Rasmussen

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crazylilrunner10 said...

I'm not sure what to say other than it makes me happy that you are having a good time and that you are happy over there. I really look up to you and your spirituality and love you have for every. All the little things mean so much to you. I wish I could see what you see in all those little things you do. Even being rejected, you're still there... happy and ready to spread the gospel with others.