15 April 2009

licht liebe leben

"Our beating heart drives us lower, pushes us always further toward the original ground."

The minutes, hours, days, week just keep getting better. As a matter of fact, the past week has been the best week of my life. My companion and I could not be better friends, even when I drive her insane with my odd habits. We meet the most interesting, kind, loving, funny, pleasant people you could find in the world. I have this fear inside that for some reason President will take her away from me because we do not have problems. I fear that, if true, comes to life next week. One transfer is about over. Time here means nothing and everything. It seems to disappear the second you look at it.

Let us talk about the great things that I saw, heard and did this week. I know this is more for me to reflect on how funny/fun my life is...but I also wish you could have witnessed it with me.

This week's greats:
1. As we were leaving e-mail last Wednesday I saw from the bus on the way home, a man that I may or may not have fallen in love with. Why? Only because I fell in love with his outfit. Red high-top Chucks, navy suit with flood pants, striking red sweater and the trendiest glasses you ever did see. Since I did not see his face, I decided he was good-looking in my imagination. (Okay, I am not in love...I am a Sorella, but I get to look at some of the most interesting fashion. This man was more relaxed.) If you really want to see some of what I have seen take a peek at the sartorialist.
2. Have you ever taught a lesson in a Ford Fiesta? Sorella Rasmussen and I have. The best. We were also parked next to the gypsies' silver CHALLENGER 50 SX (a motor home). When I buy myself a silver bullet, I will be naming it something similar, recommendations are welcome.
3. I met a Chilean and only wanted to talk about my brother. Yup, Robert. I will hopefully be teaching this Chilean more often. He also had the privilege of being baptized twice, Chile and Italy. Maybe Robert can help the Chileans organize their records so when people move they do not need to be baptized twice? I have seen a few of these people who had the privilege.
4. I went to another baptism in my second ward for a husband and wife. Miracles really do happen!
5. You can call me the rudest person in the world, but on Monday I just had to laugh out loud when waiting for the cross walk. We were waiting ever so patiently when coming toward us was a man playing with his dentures inside his mouth, popping them in and out...in and out. Then I looked past him and saw an old woman with her jaw dropped just staring. Her face made it seem like 'dentures man' had just taken hers and popped them in his mouth.
6. The great moment of the week was EASTER! What a miraculous event to celebrate. What a beautiful season. I thought I was going to miss out on the fun Easter egg hunt at home, but to my surprise Monday morning at District meeting our sweet (as in cool) DL hid 107 mini eggs around the building. Of course it lead to a discussion on finding work, but that definitely boosted all our spirits. My companion and I even went out that day and found a great Italian family to begin teaching. Again, miracles do happen.
7. Last, but not least, the trees than line the streets are growing leaves, turning green, hinting at spring and summer, and my favorite. Genova is the best city. We are never leaving!

I love to walk into our little Metro (little meaning there is only one line with 7 stops) and hear Ricky Martin telling me he is living the crazy life. I love visiting our new converts and hearing their testimonies, struggles, loves and trying to help them progress. I love seeing our newest investigator family with their two little boys, Giovanni and Martino. It is hard not being able to play with all the children like I would at home. I adore a less active family with a daughter waiting to get baptized. We work with them at least once a week, and are always greeted with dog kisses and baci on both cheeks. I do not like when I cry through an entire lesson because one of your investigators is not understanding the importance of her decisions, and no matter what you do with your teaching you can not seem to get the point across (I still have so much to work on). I love working with my companion and always improving our skills, so that we can eventually help our friends make the right decision. This has become my love, and obviously my life. There is nothing more that I need.

Thank you for love!

Tout comprendre c'est tout pardonner,
Sorella Frederique Stone Carroll

Sorella Carroll and Elder Carroll showing some dance moves before leaving Provo

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