29 April 2009


My Dear Family. What a wonderful thing, to have a family. I love you.

Well. You seem to be a family of party animals. I am trying to keep up with all the party, but everytime I dance I get stares from anziani or my companion. Apparently when Robert got in trouble in the MTC for letting some moves loose it was for a good reason. To say the least, I am learning (learning key word) to control my desires for a dance. It is a good thing we have an apartment where I can break it DAOWN! "It is always put on your party shoes time", remember that!

Two train rides, a new companion, a new city, and 6 days of rain later I am in Torino. (Did you know Torino means little bull? I learned that on our jog this morning.) Moving and working in a new city is so strange. It is ever more odd when you thought you would serve your whole mission in Genova. I have met many new people and probably work in one of the most missionary motivated wards in the world. Torino is spectacular and I could not ask for a different city to serve in. Although it was hard to leave my love Genova, I see myself falling head over heels with this city. I am already "in like" as you all would say. We are working hard and doing the usual missionary things. Talking to people, getting rejected, running into inactive members we had no idea existed, having people come up to us, etc. Sometimes you see the most amazing miracles and you wonder..."what is going on in my life!?"

Since I am meeting all new people in Torino I am trying especially hard to figure out why I am here and what I can do for these people. I already love them. We visit Maurizia in her flower shop where she just whips out the most beautiful bouquet during our visit. We have found our way through a deserted olympic village and crowds of people avoiding rain in a grocery story. I am reminded every time I look at my watch of the time I was running and fell on my face, I broke my watch in the mean time. We travel by tram and bus, have I mentioned how brilliant public transportation is? Today is the first day of blue skies and sun and for all I know this will be the most beautiful city in Italy. The streets are lined with green trees. The bike lanes are my favorite...I have little flashbacks of my bike. I love watching the families in Olympic park. Working with a new companion is new and exciting. I wish I could tell you more about the city...but I still look lost, I have no idea where I am. Sometimes a man plays the accordian outside our balcony, I go outside and listen.

As for the past week. We spent most of our time introducing me to ward members, investigators, less-actives and just the friendly people on the street. My ward is mission hungry. Every week we meet with the ward mission leader and missionaries. Every Sunday we pass out fliers of when we will be teaching lessons and members sign up. We receive calls from Bishops, Relief Society President, Young womens leaders, etc asking how they can help. What a turn around from my last city. I am beyond excited to work with these people who have a sincere desire to help our brothers and sisters. Tell the Foothills Ward to keep it up. And if I remember correctly Eric is a ward mission leader or missionary...Darien make sure he keeps working on that, you too. Be missionaries, love everyone.

Do a little dance if you can. Smile. Have a wonderful week!
My calendar tells me I get to talk to you soon:)

strawberry fields,
Sorella Frederique Stone Carroll

This would be Sorella Rasmussen's and my last day together. Bitter sweet.

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