27 January 2009

you rock, rock.

This week I win the cheesiest sister missionary award. Why? Well I am going to serve in Italy and just so happen to own a bright green cardigan with a map of Italy on the front. So what do I do? Wear it! I am a sister missionary, therefore "Ah dew whad ah wont." (I do what I want). No but really, being a sister missionary feels like such a special privilege. I know it is a very special privilege. Being a missionary in general gives you that special feeling. That loving feeling.

Bug eyes could be my nickname this week. Again I am amazed at how much you learn. Before departing on this adventure, well I guess before submitting my mission papers I was fairly confident I could teach anything I needed to. Boy are you humbled upon entrance into the field. But how can you possibly do the Lord’s work when you are proud. He picks the weak things of the world and only through Him can we be made strong. So all along I was really a weak one. Rique, Sorella Carroll, keep going!

I apologize because I am pretty sure writing these weekly letters are more helpful for me than telling you much about my life right now. But I am just doing the greatest work ever. Don't worry.

I learned how immature I am this week. This is nothing against the 19 year-old elders in my zone, but I have a pretty similar sense of humor as them. Oh, and to test my level of maturity (which at times seems lower than anyone else) the Australian elder in my district, Anziano White, told me a story. It was about his "mate" and this mate’s fiancée. These two were sitting on the couch about to watch a movie when the girlfriend asked why they never watched mature films (of something of that nature, I am not familiar with Australian rating systems but I believe it is equal to our PG-13). This mate of Anziano White leaned into his fiancée’s face and said "booger." As Anziano White said this he looked at me and right when he said booger I busted up laughing. I would love to blame this laughter on his accent but really I could not. Sorry mother and father I can be quite the embarrassment. Now I know what I should be working on, on top of striving to be a better missionary.

I do not know how it goes for anyone else but before I became a missionary I thought becoming one would make life so much easier. I do appreciate the greater difficulties though. Now I am learning to work harder than I ever have before. Again with the bug eyes. I am in awe of how much help and guidance you receive, not only from the Holy Ghost, but from every other person around you. (Including your companion).

Speaking of companions...I have failed to mention mine. She is wonderful. We may be complete opposites but we were put together for a reason. (We did figure out that we both have a love for Doris Day, my good ol' Calamity Jane). Sometimes I feel like Calamity Jane! I like to call her Sorella Rossi (Row-see). I also HAVE to call her that, but it is all the same. I actually am very lucky because...she speaks some Italian as well! Her father is Italian (from Florence), her mom served her mission in Catania, her brother served his mission in Rome and now she is off to Milan! Just a cute little Mormon Italian family! She teaches me something new everyday... So thank you Sorella Rossi!

And now for the game of favorites:
1. The older district goes to Italy, actually they are on their way! (I am sad for them to leave, but they make the whole experience real!)
2. Bonding with all the Italian missionaries. I am so privileged to be part of such a remarkable group.
3. Pretending I am Ramsey when I run 5 days a week. Well wishing I was him...
4. Having a vacuum cleaner right outside my residence room named Flo.
5. Getting a good game of cats-cradle going with surrounding missionaries waiting for Sunday movies to begin.
6. Meeting sister missionaries who are already my best friends.
7. Nightly dance parties with Sorella Nelson (she is serving in Rome, but is my absolute favorite)
8. The truly inspired teachers who share so much love and support.
9. The countless familiar faces I see daily (I swear, everywhere I turn is someone I know. I am starting to annoy my poor patient companions because sometimes I get so caught up in conversations). The joy of living in Provo for nearly 3 years.
10. My sudden bursts of energy that come right before bed time.
11. Hearing about the great things going on at home!
12. Bribing all other missionaries to be my friends with delicious cookies from wonderful friends and their Mothers and with delicious looking Raspberry Rolls. Thank you for the help!
13. Missionary hugs, which actually I still find to be the oddest/sort of uncomfortable things. I will explain: You go for a high five but stop briefly upon hitting hands, let me emphasize briefly, to wrap your thumb around the hand. (Again let me emphasize briefly.)
14. Praying every moment of your life, and always receiving answers as long as you pray in faith. (Keep that in mind).
15. Finding my motto and attempting to apply it all day everyday. Here it is: (Mosiah 3:19) "For the natural man is an enemy to God and has been from the fall of Adam and will be, forever and ever, unless he yields to the enticings of the holy spirit, and putteth off the natural man and becometh as a saint through the atonement of Christ the Lord, and becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things, which the lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father."

I wish time was endless (in this temporal sense) so I could go on forever. Thank you for your love!

You rock, rock!
Sorella Frederique Stone Carroll