20 January 2009

To forget

Erase the days, erase the hour, erase any conception of the world. (Except for the blinking time in the corner of my screen counting down from 30) Time is flying already and I can not believe what two weeks has done for me, or to me. I suppose I should mention this very important day in the history of America. It is so strange how the world keeps moving while I have no idea what is going on. So here is to Barack Obama and the new Presidency. I am so grateful for the land of the free and the home of the brave. The United States of America is absolutely a country founded through the power of our Heavenly Father and is absolutely a country that I am blessed to live in. Of course I am going to yet another wonderful country, Italy, for 16 months but I love America and appreciate all that we have experienced through living here. (And, no, it is not always easy.)

I have been thinking a lot about what I am doing, what I have done, and what I will be doing in the future. It is overwhelming sometimes to think about what I have the opportunity to do at this moment in time, but then I remember how much love and support I have at home and more importantly that I am being qualified for the work as we speak. So much has happened in the past week that gets me considering all the blessings I have received. First of all my very first devotional last Tuesday was given by Jeffrey R Holland, who need I say is a rock, a power house, a whatever you want to call someone of wonder. Of course being an Apostle of the Lord requires you being strong, knowledgable, and humble, but this man taught me more in an hour than I would have learned in a week outside the MTC. There were moments I was pretty sure he was speaking just to me. I hope that because of him and the words he spoke and the words that the spirit spoke to me I will be a much better missionary. Thank you Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.

Every night it is tradition for the Italian Sorelle to get together and have a circle of gratitude. One night last week while sharing our thoughts a sister walked in, Sister Yang, and asked if she could share with us a message of tithing in English. I was so excited to hear what she had to say...she hardly struggled with words and bore one of the greatest testimonies I have ever heard. She came in nervous, and once she started to speak I could tell that her confidence changed through her strong testimony. She is the only member of the Church in her family and her parents were not supportive of sending her on her mission. They have now softened their hearts, but to hear her struggles and faith made me appreciate all that I have received that much more. I am grateful for Sister Yang, a girl from Taiwan, a girl who helped me to grow. I love her.

I do not want to forget to mention how fun it is focusing on the principles of the Gospel, applying and then reapplying them to my life, and loving it. There is something about reading the scriptures and taking every verse and trying to find a way that it fits into your life, or your future investigators life, or your brothers life, or moms, dads, sisters, friends, etc. This is something that I believe has kept me moving. Here in the MTC, it may come to you as a surprise, you do get tired and you do want to fall asleep. BUT, "I will go, I will do, the things the Lord commands. I know He will provide a way, He wants me to obey." Italian is the most beautiful language. I love learning it every day. I love messing up. I love getting nervous to talk to the "seasoned" missionaries. I love my district and the bonds we have already formed. I am partial to the Italian Anziani and Sorelle, but I love them all. I love my teachers and their knowledge, support, excitement, and love. I love every missionary here. I love being a missionary. I love love. I hate not being able to say 'I love you' to everyone I meet like I used to. But here it is, I LOVE YOU!

Vi Voglio Bene,
Sorella Frederique Stone Carroll

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Ariel said...

Wow! You sound like you are doing so well!!! I can't wait to enter the MTC! I'm almost done with my papers and should have them turned in by the end of next week! I can't wait to see where I go!

I love how you felt Elder Holland was speaking right to you. He spoke at a stake conference in my home stake in georgia a few years ago and his talk blew me away. It felt like i was the only person in the room and he was just talking to me...giving me advice about my life. I love the gospel and can't wait to share it!