13 January 2009

Let us begin

I wake up, go to breakfast, go to class, go to lunch, go to class, go to dinner, go to class, go to bed. Intermingled everyonce in a while is a little gym time and a preparation day. In the matter of a week, my life has become someone elses. (literally). I never thought I could do so much in a day, so welcome to the Missionary Training Center.

We often refer to Disneyland as the happiest place on earth, but even then there are children screaming, people complaining, you get the gist. Here in this place of abbreviations (MTC, TRC, RC, MDT ......) is where the happiness is. Nuzzeled in Provo. What a wonderful place to be. If you are searching for happiness, just come on over to the mission side of life.

I may or may not have asked myself a couple of times what all these 19 year old boys, 21 year old girls (I use boys and girls for a reason) are doing. The majority of the world is out of sight and I have yet to see a frown. Maybe everyone is really good at hiding their true feelings, but I have an incling that really, everyone is the happiest they have ever been. This is not to say preparing for a mission is easy, because in the matter of a week I have already had some struggles, but it is the best thing to be doing and so we are happy. There it is.

One would usually find my daily schedule tedious or boring but I find it just the opposite. At some point in my life I might have dreaded so much structure, but I couldn't be more grateful. If I didn't have a plan everyday I would wander physically and mentally wondering "what in the world?"

To be honest (because this is what we are supposed to be doing, being honest) I probably have nothing more to say than that I am happy. Possibly the happiest I have been in my entire life. Mom, Dad, family, friends, of course I have been happy with you...but this experience has built upon those joys and made them that much better. I write a thank you to all who got me here. Thank you.

At that, I will share some new "things" I have begun. I was introduced to playing the game of favorites. Obviously this is not new to me, but picking favorites has been something that has kept me entertained. Here are my favorites of the week:
1. Having a sweet farewell with my parents
2. Meeting my companion
3. Realizing how amazing every Italy called missionary is. I am still astounded by the testimonies of these, what seem like, kids.
4. Seeing my brother. Although we have opposite schedules I get so happy to see him, even if it is from across the way.
5. Baby hamsters, aka Chicken Cordon Bleu. I have not partaken, but I am reminded of those who refer to them as the hamsters.
6. The sister who annouced that she plays favorites and helped me to play favorites.
7. Doing my laundry.
8. Laughing at a joke that would be foreign outside the mission life.
9. Having an australian "mate" in my district.
10. Having a district that has become my family.
11. Saying "Grazie" and english speaking missionaries responding with de nada. (Like I was speaking spanish)
12. Learning the Austrailian way of saying something is "tight". In case you were wondering it is "Sweet As" which often sounds like a swear word, but completely not meant to be.
13. Being pressured to write a whole e-mail in the matter of minutes.
14. Seeing so many familiar faces.
15. Being a missionary.

Life is beautiful. Take everything you are given with love and do what you can. Thank you for this opportunity. I love you all. I am so lucky to have so much support.

As the clock counts down on this computer I can't believe how much more I want to tell you. I will get better at writing letters but until then. All is well.


Alyse said...

oh i'm so excited to hear more from her!!! rique, you are amazing. (even though I know you're not checking this.)

Megan Favero said...

What is she using for communication alyse? do you know? i emailed her, but not sure if she got it.

Whitney said...

this is the greatest thing ever! thank you carroll family (i am guessing it is you) for keeping us all updated!