30 November 2008

oh mexico.


my dear dear friend, mexico.

20 November 2008

Ashley and Casey.

All I have to say is Casey chose a good one. And from what I can tell, Ashley did too.
The first of many weddings I will be missing while serving a mission, but I know it is all for a good reason. (Right?)
I am thrilled for these two, although I am still trying to convince them to move the date to December instead of February.


19 November 2008

Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!

Upon my return home from a mission (in about one point five years) there will be a brand new movie. A movie that I probably couldn't be more excited about. As a child I had a favorite disney film and Lewis Carroll book. Alice in Wonderland. My ever so wonderful mother painted, beautifully mind you, Alice and Wonderland scenes all around my room. Mad Hatter and the Hare had a tea party. The cards were painting the roses red. Alice with the Chesire cat above in a tree. (After watching a snippet of Child's Play when mom and dad were gone I was forever reminded of Chucky when I looked at the Chesire cat smiling down at me in my bed.) "In a world of my own. All the flowers would have very extra special powers, they would sit and talk to me for hours" was written around the ceiling. I had a little world of my own in there.
When we moved mom asked if I wanted to cut the paintings out of the wall and I declined. Originally I was thinking that I had Alice in Wonderland on my room walls for twelve years and to bring it to the new house would be too much. Now I regret my declination. Maybe I will once day have a daughter who will love Alice in Wonderland as much as I do and we can paint her room, for old times sake.

Director Tim Burton has taken upon himself the duty to make a new film of this classic. Considering I thoroughly enjoyed Beetle Juice, Edward Scissorhands, Big Fish, Nightmare Before Christmas, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and Corpse Bride I can only imagine how much I will enjoy this new twist on Alice's adventures. 

Plus, one Jonny Depp is playing the role of Mad Hatter. I don't know the actress who is to play Alice, but I can tell that I will probably like her. Thank you Tim Burton for your magnificently peculiar imagination. I am excited to see what comes of this greatness.

Mat Hatter:

the costumes appear to be beautiful.

tell all your friends.


18 November 2008

saddest day.

something very sad has occurred. if you know me in the slightest bit, you would know how much i love bike riding. and really, not just bike riding but riding my bike. between 10:30 pm saturday november 15th and 8:00 pm monday november 17th my beautiful bike went missing. i can probably guarantee that no one else in provo owns this bike since i placed a special order for it, so anyone i see riding it will be questioned. i hope it hasn't gone too far. if i never see it again, my only hope is that whomever owns it will love it as much as i did. me and that bike (which i also named eleanor, like the cow) have been through a lot. she rode me around on splendid nights, afternoons, mornings every day nearly. we were close, and she did help me when i had to do some thinking. oh bicycle, please come home. i miss you.

bike 6
bike 8
bike 7

16 November 2008

motto of the week.


On days like this I often find myself reminiscing about childhood. I was a tomboy in a dress who loved Amy Grant.

Oh the things I miss:
. Racing my bike down the (what seemed like) giant grass hill, over and over again.
. Sneaking over those fences at the school that kept people out. Running around the middle school and elementary school campus’. Pretending the huge drains were skeleton storages.
. Walking down to water and ice, then over heating on the way home.
. Swimming every second of the summer. Playing Mermaids. Blasting the radio, while having water concerts.
. Wall ball.
. Parallel bar competitions.
. Singing your guts out while swinging on the swings. Swinging in unison with someone and saying you were best friends, and swinging opposite someone and declaring enemy status.
. Your other crush handing a bundle of grass to your brother to give to you when you step up to the plate in kick-ball.
. Making the winning goal at recess soccer.
. Wearing heeled sketcher tennis shoes like they were going out of style. (which thank goodness did)
. Changing clothes once you got to school to defy your mother.
. Having an accident because your teacher didn’t believe you REALLY had to go to the bathroom.
. Laughing like little girls during partner reading time. (even if your partner was a boy)
. Show and tell.
. Beany Babies on the desk.
. Your crush giving you a red licorice rope when you didn’t do well enough on your times tables to get one.
. Desks that you actually put stuff in.
. Sneaking around in the classroom after everyone had left.
. Library reading time.
. Checking out the same book in the library over and over again because it was an easy read, but look difficult because it was thicker than others.
. The scholastic book fair, but more importantly book order forms. I started my boxcar children membership through the book orders. Also rock collections supported by grandma.
. Skateboarding with the neighbors.
. Sitting on the curb waiting for the older boys to invite me to play.
. Birthday parties and Jungle Jims.
. Driving straight from school to dance nearly every day of my life. Changing in the car, always worried the kids in the bus next to us would peek.
. The friendly employee Michelle, who worked at Godfather’s pizza next to the dance studio.
. Dance. Kimberly Lewis School of Dance.
. Grocery store dinners with dad when mom was out of town.
. Visiting the nurse more often than necessary. (I am a hypochondriac)
. Black patented leather mary-janes. Knee-highs and jumpers.
. Matching daily with the family. State fair with family and friends, and all of us matching.
. Tootsie rolls from grandpa.
. Being carefree.

The list could go on for days. Being a child is the better part of life (at least for my knowledge of life thus far, I am sure it will keep getting better though).

14 November 2008

i fell in love with a girl.

Director Michel Gondry, pretty impressive.
Again my recent obsession with stop motion.
Surprisingly, only one small section of the
video uses computer animation (just a couple
seconds)...the rest done by hand.
Again, Brilliant!

its a human.

a human skateboard.

one of my absolutely favorite stop motion works.

my next project.

12 November 2008

Because you are so dear.

I might be the queen of unnecessary purchases. Luckily this semester has not been like the past. BUT, That doesn't mean I haven't been doing some looking (mostly cameras).
I have already picked out the very first item I will purchase upon my return from the mission, and after I have a job that I could afford this. I have been wanting this for some time now, but I settled for the cheaper version for the time being (which mind you, my Holga has served me very well. I do love it).

p.s. I love cougar high fives. From happy strangers. While you are wearing cheetah rain boots. Riding your bike.

10 November 2008

I'm Just A Leaf Hanging On My Family Tree.

I have the most wonderful/talented family. To start, the parents are quite incredible and possibly the most attractive couple I know. (Good thing I am going home for Thanksgiving and can update my family photographs, you will have to wait for one of the happy couple)

Then, my siblings. They have always been so impressive. So here is my chance to tell you how wonderful they all are. I have the best five best friends in the world!

Here is Robert's most recent guitar gig. (Acoustic Explosion, BYU) I did not capture any live footage this time, but if you are interested take a gander here. Even if you have already heard/watched this one I recommend doing it just one more time (atleast). He will amaze you yet again.

Ramsey. The most dedicated/determined individual you will probably ever meet. He has absolutely helped me strive for a little bit more. I have in no way been able to accomplish what he has, but I do look up to him (and to my other siblings). This past weekend he helped his cross country team take state. Desert Vista cross country, 5A Division I state champions! They take the top 5 runners for every team, Ramsey coming in 5th place for his team (at 32nd place over all) was the final runner that helped Desert Vista win by 2 points. The scores.
(look...even Darien and mom made it into the background. Yes my mother is standing on the fence, were we allowed to do that as children?)

Finally Darien, this is the most recent picture of her but it accurately portrays the Darien I am looking up to at the moment. She served an incredible mission, I just know. As I am preparing, I always think "I hope that I can be half the missionary Darien was, and still is." I am so lucky to have an older sister who has paved the way and helped me do my best.

My siblings are absolutely the greatest. You can be jealous of me, it is okay. They really are incredible.

09 November 2008

and I did it!

I just did one of the hardest things (for me, at least). I have a slight obsession with music, for me music - alongside art - has fueled life. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't listen. It would be an understatement to say that I love music, because there is much much more in the relationship between music and me.
With that being said, the hard "thing" for me was deleting every last bit of melody from my hard drive. It may seem crazy, but I decided to release myself from the obsession. I don't know what I will do for the next 60 days without music. Hello pandora! Welcome mission preparation! The best 18 months of my life is just ahead and I want to make the most of it!
I'll just have to worry about the music upon my return.

I also spent the past two days making these little presents for my friends who are currently serving missions. Nothing big but a little something to receive (and send) in the mail. Each box contains: four home-made cards & envelopes, eight extra home-made envelopes, and the hand crafted box (made from old record covers).

one box of seven:

four cards of sixty four:

the others:

the final products:

07 November 2008

a self portrait.

the best imitation of myself.


(la'ie, hawaii)

06 November 2008

filtering the old while developing the new. melissa and sara so gracious of them!







05 November 2008

yes we can.


I think it best as an American citizen to welcome our newest president. The future holds a lot for all of us, so let us do the best we can. Let us support or nations elected. Thank you for voting!

"Let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility...'we are not enemies, but friends, what passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection'...I hear your voices, I need your help, and I will be your President too...Our stories are singular but our destinies are shared...This is our moment, this is our time...out of many we are one...those who tell us that we can't we we'll respond with that timeless creed that sums up a spirit of a people...Yes we can" (Barack Obama, 2008)

He is absolutely right, yes we can. So let's do it, lets be the America we need to be. We are commanded to obey the laws of our land so be in 100 percent no matter how you feel. A little faith goes a long way.

03 November 2008

polaroid paris.

just taking some time to miss paris...
to view more polaroid paris click here.