28 August 2008

lomo london.

Not your typical London atmosphere. 
Hot Topic has been brought to life. 
Tattoo parlors, street vendors, leather boots, dog collars, and love line the streets. 

Welcome to my interpretation of Camden Town...

all photos have been taken with a HOLGA lomography camera on 35mm film.
no edits necessary.

24 August 2008

with your picture books.

all in a week at the beach house in newport we...
rode our bikes.

watched the sun set.
(jake adams)

played with kelly may.
(kelly may)

played some volleyball.

swam in the ocean.

attacked rique with sand.

built sand castles.

drew our names in the sand.

made ourselves into mermaids.

played with our celebrity friends. 
(darien&max crumm)

and loved every second of family&friend time.
(I haven't had the chance to go through all of my pictures from my two weeks with the parents and sister in Europe, my final week in Italy, or my week in Newport. I apologize for the lack of updates but now that my summer is coming to a close I have been enjoying and cramming some homework in last minute. Check back in the next couple of weeks if you would like.)
Although the intention was to set up a blog to post my summer adventures I will keep going with posts and such until the end of the semester. Feel free to visit anytime!
Happy Day!

love you all the time.

s sneak peak at what i was doing for the past week.
no i was not doing flips with a boogie board, but i was enjoying some nice beach time in newport with the family and the gubernicks. always the greatest!
pictured (top to bottom): AJ, Cade, & Reed Gubernick

16 August 2008

i will probably miss living with these friends. good thing we are neighbors.

15 August 2008

shaking hands with shaded strangers.

crazy sister.                              great sister.

that is right. she is home. lucky me.
on my way there.

11 August 2008

its been a long time coming.

sorry to keep some waiting. i will be back in another week upon my return to the states. i will show you the last three weeks of this adventurous summer!