24 July 2008

if natalie was not my mother...

i would do this with my hair:
the worlds first rendition of a mohawk.

21 July 2008

in my ride, we ride...

I Ride, You Ride, We Ride - Hot Chip

a car that i have fallen in love with:

give us a wink...

song of the day: Lovely Rita - The Beatles
(in memory of the fantastic woman below that I lived with, yes she is about to go out with friends for a night of dancing)

Work started with a bang. Day one began with an excursion into the city where we would find a small parade of individuals supporting their contrada, the porcupines. Since they had barely won the Palio at this point they were rejoicing (except they are still celebrating, and probably will until the next Palio on the 16th of August). To my surprise the photographer I shadowed (Giuseppe) ended up using my photos in the newspaper the following day. If only I had known I could have seen it for myself. Here are some of the pictures that contributed…

The following Wednesday I showed up to work expecting to edit some photographs taken the previous day. My boss (Luca) received a phone call, said “come”, and we were on our way. “Che successo?” about 20 minutes outside of Siena we pulled up to a crime scene. A shop had been robbed and the owner was murdered. 3 hours later we were on our way back and I was off work. I stood as an innocent bystander clueless of what was happening until the last 10 minutes when the detectives pulled out a mysterious white coffin and placed it in the hearse. An interesting day as it was. If it were not for nerves, I would have put my camera to my eye and been able to share some of the evidence.

The following week and a half was spent snapping photos, editing these photos, and communicating horribly. Every once in a while one of the four photographers will peek around offer some advice or critique my work. It is great learning from these four photographers and getting various opinions.

New apartment, a week of photography internship, two weeks of parents and sister, one week of internship, and then HOME! The semester to come is fast approaching and yes, I am looking forward to all that waits.

the street on which I lived with Lovely Rita.

the following are more projects I have been assigned:

the palio.

the lot behind the photography studio.

the people of siena.

the people of siena continued.

18 July 2008

as of late.

Here are the latest photography assignments I have been required to do for my internship. I love spending my days taking pictures, and have had some interesting experiences. more photos and stories to come.

16 July 2008

Today marks a very big day in the life of a very important person. Growing up is not easy, but despite the challenges I have seen this person mature into a fine young man. I am proud to call this individual my baby brother. He may be taller than me, smarter, better looking, and a better dancer than me but he will always be my baby brother. I only wish I could spend this sweet and golden day with him. Happy sweet sixteen and golden birthday to the brother who is one of the most amazing people I know. Yes, you could call me a proud sister, but that does not begin to explain. It is days like these that make me miss my family, it is hard to miss these exciting days in the lives of siblings.

Here is, in my opinion, a soundtrack to the first 16 years of my brothers life.

1. Wake Up – Arcade Fire
2. Happiness Runs – Donovan
3. First Breath After Coma – Explosions in the Sky
4. This Boy – I’m From Barcelona
5. Ready for the floor – Hot Chip
6. Little Brother – Grizzly Bear
7. Wouldn’t It Be Nice – Beach Boys
8. Chinese Children – Devendra Banhart
9. I’m A Cuckoo – Belle & Sebastian
10. I’ll Be Your Friend – Bright Eyes and Neva Dinova
13. Teenager – Camera Obscura
14. Oxygen – Willy Mason
15. Kiss Kiss – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
16. 16, Maybe Less – Iron & Wine with Calexico

and i will get the rest up here when i have longer amounts of time on this internet.

15 July 2008

l'italia s'è desta.

my italian pride. when you live here you become another proud italian.

the usual vespa.

after the istriche won the palio, these proud italians don't remove their scarves.

they beat their drums all day long.

14 July 2008

i frequent...

these two places quite often.

societa di dante alighieri.

trapped in a storm under a tree. the street on which i live.

04 July 2008

what so proudly we hailed.

oh say, can you see?

it never seems so strange.

Song: July July! - The Decemberists

July July July. Two months gone, in the words of Ferris, “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop to look around once in a while you could miss it.” My dad reminded me this morning after about eighty great letters only three remain from my dear sister. Nothing gets me more excited to say it is July!

After visiting five countries in the past two months I realize how fortunate I have been. My five senses have never been more surprised. My eyes have seen the most beautiful neighborhoods, art, buildings and people. My nose has experienced various revolting scents along with the most delightful smells that you would think you reached heaven. Hand sanitizer was put on my hands more often than not due to an assortment of “things” I was found touching. The sounds of the street have been music to my ears. Last but not least, my tiny taste buds have been in complete bliss with the diverse foods I have had the opportunity to test. It has all happened in a summer and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Yesterday was an event where more people enter the city than any other day, and YES I was there. I did not dare enter the middle of the crowd, but I saw parades, people, horses, pride and song. I could be wrong, but I have been lead to believe this event dates back to the medieval times. There is so much history in this little city it is unbelievable.

Being able to view the pride of the city open up has been an experience in itself. A shop that sold various electronics had five televisions playing the news so I stopped with two other interns and watched for a couple hours. I stood in a group of Italians who laughed and joked until the moment the horses took off. Then their attitudes got serious as they screamed for their contrada. A group of five girls about my age, all of the porcupine contrada were screaming with excitement when their rider stormed the front of the pack while the others ate dust.

Remember I said I was supporting the contrada of the porcupine? Well, we won. Yes it is true! I chose to walk through the “porcupine district” on my way back home. I have never seen so many happy people in one location. Amid the tears, waving flags, shouting and running was, what felt like, all the happiness in the world shoved into this small alleyway. I too, felt pride to be living with a woman who belongs to the porcupine contrada.

03 July 2008

just a peak.