18 November 2008

saddest day.

something very sad has occurred. if you know me in the slightest bit, you would know how much i love bike riding. and really, not just bike riding but riding my bike. between 10:30 pm saturday november 15th and 8:00 pm monday november 17th my beautiful bike went missing. i can probably guarantee that no one else in provo owns this bike since i placed a special order for it, so anyone i see riding it will be questioned. i hope it hasn't gone too far. if i never see it again, my only hope is that whomever owns it will love it as much as i did. me and that bike (which i also named eleanor, like the cow) have been through a lot. she rode me around on splendid nights, afternoons, mornings every day nearly. we were close, and she did help me when i had to do some thinking. oh bicycle, please come home. i miss you.

bike 6
bike 8
bike 7


mk said...

My bike and I took a procession around the block in mourning for Eleanor. I hope that one day she will return to you!

Whitney said...

this upsets me deeply. so sorry rique

carcar said...

I will be watching like a cat...watch out thief person....i'll kill you.