16 November 2008

motto of the week.


On days like this I often find myself reminiscing about childhood. I was a tomboy in a dress who loved Amy Grant.

Oh the things I miss:
. Racing my bike down the (what seemed like) giant grass hill, over and over again.
. Sneaking over those fences at the school that kept people out. Running around the middle school and elementary school campus’. Pretending the huge drains were skeleton storages.
. Walking down to water and ice, then over heating on the way home.
. Swimming every second of the summer. Playing Mermaids. Blasting the radio, while having water concerts.
. Wall ball.
. Parallel bar competitions.
. Singing your guts out while swinging on the swings. Swinging in unison with someone and saying you were best friends, and swinging opposite someone and declaring enemy status.
. Your other crush handing a bundle of grass to your brother to give to you when you step up to the plate in kick-ball.
. Making the winning goal at recess soccer.
. Wearing heeled sketcher tennis shoes like they were going out of style. (which thank goodness did)
. Changing clothes once you got to school to defy your mother.
. Having an accident because your teacher didn’t believe you REALLY had to go to the bathroom.
. Laughing like little girls during partner reading time. (even if your partner was a boy)
. Show and tell.
. Beany Babies on the desk.
. Your crush giving you a red licorice rope when you didn’t do well enough on your times tables to get one.
. Desks that you actually put stuff in.
. Sneaking around in the classroom after everyone had left.
. Library reading time.
. Checking out the same book in the library over and over again because it was an easy read, but look difficult because it was thicker than others.
. The scholastic book fair, but more importantly book order forms. I started my boxcar children membership through the book orders. Also rock collections supported by grandma.
. Skateboarding with the neighbors.
. Sitting on the curb waiting for the older boys to invite me to play.
. Birthday parties and Jungle Jims.
. Driving straight from school to dance nearly every day of my life. Changing in the car, always worried the kids in the bus next to us would peek.
. The friendly employee Michelle, who worked at Godfather’s pizza next to the dance studio.
. Dance. Kimberly Lewis School of Dance.
. Grocery store dinners with dad when mom was out of town.
. Visiting the nurse more often than necessary. (I am a hypochondriac)
. Black patented leather mary-janes. Knee-highs and jumpers.
. Matching daily with the family. State fair with family and friends, and all of us matching.
. Tootsie rolls from grandpa.
. Being carefree.

The list could go on for days. Being a child is the better part of life (at least for my knowledge of life thus far, I am sure it will keep getting better though).

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