10 November 2008

I'm Just A Leaf Hanging On My Family Tree.

I have the most wonderful/talented family. To start, the parents are quite incredible and possibly the most attractive couple I know. (Good thing I am going home for Thanksgiving and can update my family photographs, you will have to wait for one of the happy couple)

Then, my siblings. They have always been so impressive. So here is my chance to tell you how wonderful they all are. I have the best five best friends in the world!

Here is Robert's most recent guitar gig. (Acoustic Explosion, BYU) I did not capture any live footage this time, but if you are interested take a gander here. Even if you have already heard/watched this one I recommend doing it just one more time (atleast). He will amaze you yet again.

Ramsey. The most dedicated/determined individual you will probably ever meet. He has absolutely helped me strive for a little bit more. I have in no way been able to accomplish what he has, but I do look up to him (and to my other siblings). This past weekend he helped his cross country team take state. Desert Vista cross country, 5A Division I state champions! They take the top 5 runners for every team, Ramsey coming in 5th place for his team (at 32nd place over all) was the final runner that helped Desert Vista win by 2 points. The scores.
(look...even Darien and mom made it into the background. Yes my mother is standing on the fence, were we allowed to do that as children?)

Finally Darien, this is the most recent picture of her but it accurately portrays the Darien I am looking up to at the moment. She served an incredible mission, I just know. As I am preparing, I always think "I hope that I can be half the missionary Darien was, and still is." I am so lucky to have an older sister who has paved the way and helped me do my best.

My siblings are absolutely the greatest. You can be jealous of me, it is okay. They really are incredible.

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