12 November 2008

Because you are so dear.

I might be the queen of unnecessary purchases. Luckily this semester has not been like the past. BUT, That doesn't mean I haven't been doing some looking (mostly cameras).
I have already picked out the very first item I will purchase upon my return from the mission, and after I have a job that I could afford this. I have been wanting this for some time now, but I settled for the cheaper version for the time being (which mind you, my Holga has served me very well. I do love it).

p.s. I love cougar high fives. From happy strangers. While you are wearing cheetah rain boots. Riding your bike.


Jeffrey Benson said...

A. I love that camera, my friend has one that I stole, except it's the original, not the remake.

B. Your blog is rapidly becoming my favorite ever.

remi said...

I just love love LOVE your blog. especially your last one about your family. What a great blessing to have such great friends and inspirations to you within your own family. miss you too!