02 November 2008

and here you are...glowing sun.

Go on a journey 
And roam the streets 
Can't see the way out 
And so use the stars 
She sits for eternity
And then climbs out

i'll just say it. i have an obsession with iceland. (my english teacher could attest to my obsession considering 2 out of 3 papers this semester have been about an icelandic band or the country itself) although i have never been there, i still get emotional every time i think about how beautiful it is. maybe it is odd to be infatuated with a country other than my own, but everyday i wish america could trade places with islanda.
not only do i have an obsession with the country, but with the band sigur rós. i was lucky enough to see this outrageously talented band a few weeks back and have never been more amazed in my life. i cried, i laughed, i LOVED. my heart thumped with every beat of the drum, you could literally feel the music pumping energy throughout your body. if i ever met jónsi i would just give him a firm handshake and tell him "thank you." maybe they are crazy, but they are crazies that i have fallen in love with. sigur rós is absolute brilliance, brilliance.

please take the time to listen.

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Jeffrey Benson said...

Rique! I think we are secretly soul mates. I am thoroughly obsessed with Iceland. but it spreads into all of Scandinavia. Miss you buddy!