31 October 2008

i am a vampire.

(if directly clicking the link doesn't immediately download then right click and select save as... or download link)

1. halloween - matt pond pa
2. dead and lovely - tom waits
3. pumpkin seeds - devendra banhart
4. dead voices - ted leo & the pharmacists
5. ghostwriter - rjd2
6. walking with a ghost - tegan & sara
7. ghost mountain - the unicorns
8. thriller (MJ cover) - Ben Gibbard
9. vampire - antsy pants
10. devil in the details - bright eyes
11. the devil's workday - modest mouse
12. tokyo witch - beach house
13. skeleton song - kate nash
14. halloween song - evangelicals
15. dead man - m. ward
16. the cemetary - architecture in helsinki
17. in my grave - mason jennings
18. season of the witch - donovan
19. hunting for witches - bloc party
20. ghost train - marc cohn

30 October 2008

they did the mash....

They did the monster mash.
(just a song to boost the halloween spirit)

(the most beautiful bat and most handsome vampire I have ever seen)
(the carroll children and the newest addition to the family.)


28 October 2008

the festivities!

robert is quite the popular individual! jealous sister here. hope that the surprise was as fun for him as it was for the rest of us. 19 year old robert!

27 October 2008

you're playing games in another state.


here is my talented brother. he opened for Jon Peter Lewis and blew us all away!
not the best quality, but that is our internet.
if for some reason it doesn't work click here.


26 October 2008

cade "a donkey."

(cade gubernick)

25 October 2008

on a sail.

brother and sister.

21 October 2008


lets go back to antique shop in hawaii.

(location: la'ie, hawaii)

16 October 2008

gorilla style...

searching for bobby fischer.


For one of my film classes we were given the assignment to recreate this scene. It is no where near as great as the original, but you do what you can. I owe it to my brothers...


13 October 2008

THIS american life.

My obsession consists of a man by the name of Ira Glass and his weekly radio broadcast. This American Life, surprisingly entertaining, provides passage ways into the lives of my fellow Americans. You laugh, learn, love, cry, share. We enjoy. Let us just call it a movie for the radio. This thirteen year old radio show has won various awards while it runs on more than 500 stations around the country. Ira Glass was named best radio show host by Time Magazine.
Sometimes I pretend that I know these people, I enjoy sharing their emotions. It is these stories that keep America America. We aren't perfect, but we are living our lives the best we can. We do what we want.
Someone, somewhere, sharing their story with me so that I can learn. Thank you my dear Americans and Ira.

There is an episode about the funniest phone messages, which I think I should have been included in. When I was an innocent freshman in high school I woke up one morning to find a new voicemail. No missed call, just one new message. I was listening only to find that someone was obviously making fun of me. I happened to think this was the funniest thing of my life. If only I have kept it...It consisted of this (still) mystery person talking to me about my "frickin beehive" and granny panties. I think everyone I knew heard the message because I couldn't get over it. Oh I miss that life, good thing people still tease me. Love.

the free pod-cast. highly recommended.

the fabulous alyse...

my dear alyse has graduated from the teenage years. the remains of the dance party are below.

click here. to view more.

09 October 2008

the real salt lake.

just a beautiful ad for salt lakes soccer team. RSL

02 October 2008

and they're gonna get murrururied...

just a few more...