21 July 2008

give us a wink...

song of the day: Lovely Rita - The Beatles
(in memory of the fantastic woman below that I lived with, yes she is about to go out with friends for a night of dancing)

Work started with a bang. Day one began with an excursion into the city where we would find a small parade of individuals supporting their contrada, the porcupines. Since they had barely won the Palio at this point they were rejoicing (except they are still celebrating, and probably will until the next Palio on the 16th of August). To my surprise the photographer I shadowed (Giuseppe) ended up using my photos in the newspaper the following day. If only I had known I could have seen it for myself. Here are some of the pictures that contributed…

The following Wednesday I showed up to work expecting to edit some photographs taken the previous day. My boss (Luca) received a phone call, said “come”, and we were on our way. “Che successo?” about 20 minutes outside of Siena we pulled up to a crime scene. A shop had been robbed and the owner was murdered. 3 hours later we were on our way back and I was off work. I stood as an innocent bystander clueless of what was happening until the last 10 minutes when the detectives pulled out a mysterious white coffin and placed it in the hearse. An interesting day as it was. If it were not for nerves, I would have put my camera to my eye and been able to share some of the evidence.

The following week and a half was spent snapping photos, editing these photos, and communicating horribly. Every once in a while one of the four photographers will peek around offer some advice or critique my work. It is great learning from these four photographers and getting various opinions.

New apartment, a week of photography internship, two weeks of parents and sister, one week of internship, and then HOME! The semester to come is fast approaching and yes, I am looking forward to all that waits.

the street on which I lived with Lovely Rita.

the following are more projects I have been assigned:

the palio.

the lot behind the photography studio.

the people of siena.

the people of siena continued.

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Rachel Ricchio said...

concert was a dream! honestly nothing less. your blog is even more of a dream and i miss our grays runs. you better keep me updated on what goes on in the branch/siena!!