06 June 2008

zi eif-fel tow-eir uh huh huh.

Six hundred and sixty eight stairs later I made it to the middle of the Eiffel Tower (huh huh). I spared myself four euros and enjoyed the sight from floor two rather then the tippy-top. I think I got the gist of Paris. What a sight! Did you know that there was a smaller version of the statue of liberty on the Seine? Well there is, it made me think if America, my family, my friends, my bike, HOME. Five and a half weeks over, still ten more till I return to the United States. Good thing I still love this continent we call Europe.

What is left besides a few churches, museums, and a train underwater? My favorite city, that of London. Finally I will be able to understand the language, and maybe can learn a few catchy phrases while I am at it. “You look well nice." Oh what I would give to have children with English accents.

I will most definitely have more to report when I reach the city where they drive on the wrong side of the road.

1 comment:

carcar said...

i only went to the middle too!! Still an amazing view :) I am happy you are having fun. MISS YOU.