14 June 2008

you can't paint an elephant quite as good as she.

When I say it feels good, I mean it feels GREAT to be complete. Although I have loved every moment of the first adventure, I am satisfied with the travels and look forward to relaxation. Not that I expect my schooling, language courses, and internship in Siena to be a breeze. A schedule will be a change and I look forward to moving out of a suitcase. Traveling to new cities at an average of every three days has been an exciting new experience as well as a tiring one. Somehow a group of twenty-three girls made it through the escapade without anyone being torn.
With everyone gone there separate ways it is a bit of a relief to breathe. I love females, but anyone can imagine what forty-five days and twenty-two other girls can do to a person. It has been a learning experience among learning experiences. They say you learn something new everyday; it would be impossible to count with the two hands I have the knowledge I received from other girls, PJ, cultures, religion and art. To give up the trip would be to surrender half of my brain, I just could not do that.
Here is the man that filled every crevice of that brain with his infinite knowledge of art. He could teach you a thing or two, and then some.

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