25 June 2008

tuscany living = my dream.

I have never been more nervous in my life. Here I am, in the country of my dreams, and I do not understand a thing. I go to class three plus hours a day in attempt to improve my language skills. I live with a pleasant retired woman who only speaks her native language. I have help from fellow BYU students. I remain lost. The nerves tore me apart my first three days here, but as time moves so do I. I am looking past the trials, attempting to succeed in the language. At the end of the next seven and a half weeks you can ask me if I speak Italian, and hopefully I can respond with a sure Yes. (or Si, rather)


Kylie said...

it was SOOO good to see you riq. don't be scared! you can do it! you OWN italy and you KNOW what you like!

miss you! email me your address asap.

love you!

ariana bentz said...

tuscany. so beautiful. remember when i saw you in roma... i miss you