11 June 2008

i was a postcard.

Train Underwater - Bright Eyes

The final days are fast approaching. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are all that remain with the arties. It excites me to say I will finally be free! I love the girls, but I am in need of a break from the female gender.

A final hurrah in Paris was spent in a park having a picnic with five other arties. Molly, Natalie, Jackie, Christine, and Liz. Bedtime came early to prepare for our six am wake-up and the train under water. Traveling faster than one hundred miles per hour I went from Paris to London in less than three hours. I have awaited this final city for quite some time. If only I had cuter clothes to blend in with the locals. I have never seen so many attractive and stylish people in my life.

The first day in London was grand. A visit to Temple Church, attempted visit to Westminster Abbey, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. We spend time wandering around Kensington off the underground station of Earl’s Court. Retired to bed and woke for a run through Holland Park. The group took a gander at the British Museum after which Molly and I visited the esteemed Harrod’s department store. Oh what you could do with endless amounts of money. Despite not purchasing anything, I enjoyed wandering through the various areas. Two favorites of mine were the Food Halls and Toy Land. The food halls were mouthwateringly pricey and the toy paradise was paradise. I fell in love with plenty of goodies, which proves I am about ready to buy presents for kids (I suppose Darien is first up?). In the event that I do get married and have children, I have decided that I will move to the east coast for some time so that I can have a lifestyle closer to that of the Brits. I found my navy blue carriage/pram, the cutest Burberry, Dior and Armani clothing items (I can dream…), and the most fantastic baby shoes anyone has ever seen. I will wear the brown potato sack so I can dress my kids in cute clothes, but it will not be the previously mentioned brands unless nana and pops purchase them.

I do anticipate every moment spent in London. Of course every place I visit will make me fall in love all over again.

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